What is the correct spelling for PRECEPTION?

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Correct spelling for PRECEPTION

We think the word preception is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for preception

  • deception They may fancy there is happiness in sin; but here is the deception.
  • perception And a third delusion is to attempt to separate a supposed perceiving mind from the perception; all three exist only in and through the momentary perception; the supposed reality behind this, whether external in the object or internal in the mind, is a mere imagination.
  • preceptor Miss Carden then settled herself, took up her work, and prepared to receive her preceptor as he deserved, an intention she conveyed to Jael by a glance, just as Henry entered blooming with exercise and the keen air, and looking extremely handsome and happy.
  • precision Indeed, I am inclined to think that my notes in those days are rather uncertain and imperfect; certainly not taken with the precision of one who expected to publish them.
  • preemption The most remarkable geyser country in the world, alike for the size and the number of its spouting fountains, is the Yellowstone region in the northwest part of the Territory of Wyoming, in the United States, which, by a special act of Congress, has been reserved as the Yellowstone National Park, exempt from settlement, purchase or preemption.
  • presumption The amazing wickedness and presumption of it!"
  • reception 202. Reception of Carteret, i.
  • Perceptions People do not want a lawyer whose brain is not clear, a doctor, dealing with life and death, whose perceptions are not steady and natural.
  • receptions The visitor seemed used to such cold receptions; she sat down placidly and tried violently to establish more friendly relations.
  • gyrostats Now I do not say that I have here given a complete proof for all cases, for the fly-wheels in these gyrostats are running in bearings, and the bearings constrain the axes to take the new positions, whereas there is no such {54} constraint in this top; but in the limited time of a popular lecture like this it is not possible, even if it were desirable, to give an exhaustive proof of such a universal rule as ours is. That I have not exhausted all that might be said on this subject will be evident from what follows.

475 words made from the letters preception

4 letter words made from preception:

eien, corn, roen, peer, trei, toei, poin, corp, eire, tecn, trip, open, opec, coir, tone, epic, coin, pent, prop, icon, nipe, rope, eteo, noce, cote, peri, repp, once, pene, peor, pert, erce, reit, erei, teen, pint, reen, reti, cone, tion, toci, rotc, cero, ento, tine, pion, riot, reni, rete, tepi, erni, rein, poet, cere, cite, ecto, orne, nori, tree, iton, enic, cert, cree, pipe, eter, tero, noer, itno, port, pore, peto, peep, cron, cope, ipco, pope, rptn, ecer, poti, tern, reno, iron, etre, pine, erne, rece, poer, eeto, tope, rote, tore, cent, poit, peon, orte, cene, inec, tipo, orti, otic, peen, core, opet, porn, trio, cpio, nice, toer, tire, rent, crop, tiro, eier, rite, porc, note, erie, eipo, coen, prep, pier, tepe, tier, ripe, nero, nece, treo, nito, rice, copt, noir, iten, teip, pone, rico, topi, torn.

5 letter words made from preception:

orene, petro, ronte, opere, nitre, retno, inept, entre, niece, netop, ircon, pinte, orent, oncer, cione, enpei, crone, conti, crete, tepco, piece, rione, enero, piene, netco, roten, piton, coire, creep, penie, piter, neepc, nippo, irone, piert, recio, nerio, rente, potec, tence, roine, opine, niere, proci, topee, pepin, eteri, ontic, neeco, cient, rotec, rippe, peron, niete, point, cinto, prion, pirot, tripe, oppen, piper, nicot, crepe, tipon, pecor, oncet, tiner, coner, ircop, tronc, picot, copie, nepic, trico, torne, toric, peire, potee, crine, ponet, ptere, renco, ierne, intro, prine, eneco, nepit, troie, iteco, perno, preon, cipot, creon, ieper, pente, toein, teppo, poire, poter, recit, necro, corni, ticer, opepe, piere, ptero, peten, tenor, erice, trece, trope, tropp, ncrpo, copei, peret, citee, trine, itoen, riepe, corte, orpin, treno, rocen, copen, reino, tiree, nepro, prpic, cerio, toner, intoe, cipro, epton, pineo, creno, toper, prete, terni, picro, ippen, popie, ponce, inert, trion, certo, nicor, ctrip, tenri, terce, penor, pince, cropt, ceren, niort, perec, tieon, citor, recto, prien, preto, tener, penco, treco, teper, enppi, print, neier, preen, rotie, centi, tippe, opper, porec, pinto, erent, treni, tenir, corne, retie, pepto, recti, ippon, peope, ripen, treon, ctene, ropin, teneo, tonci, epper, tiene, optic, topic, pecot, tonic, peter, terne, tepic, neeti, porci, nieto, oteri, ceron, opter, petie, piner, niter, prece, cerne, pitre, retin, toine, noire, trepp, prone, epice, inter, eroei, tenco, noite, citro, peice, prope, coppi, nocte, cente, ponti, nipro, penic, trice, orpen, perie, pipet, pinot, ictrn, peine, preti, price, creen, eiron, piron, nitro, orten, rence, proti, cenpi, erect, ecton, enter, repot, popen, tecno, cipto, poner, cnote, erion.

3 letter words made from preception:

cro, tpn, eon, pro, pet, ene, pin, ect, ore, ten, nee, ter, tee, net, pie, cop, pic, toe, otc, cpi, ret, ice, cio, pep, cot, neo, pop, pit, pip, ion, etc, prc, tec, oct, ern, pen, crt, nec, roc, nip, pee, con, poe, ppi, pei, one, ipo, rit, tip, tie, rio, ron, cpr, tor, roe, rot, cer, tri, pot, tin, ceo, not, eec, ton, epi, per, top, nrc, tcp, opt, pre, ire, pct, tic, pcp, nit, rep, poi, ent, crp, ert, rip.

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