Correct spelling for PREDSENTED

We think the word predsented is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for predsented

  • Presented
  • Being accordingly ordered up, said black girl presented herself.

  • Concursions
  • Pretended
  • My eyes fell to the ground in pretended fear.

  • Predominated
  • Let us go forward, mister president, to the moment when, after many false alarms, many alternations of hope, of doubt, of despair, then hope again, we finally found ourselves aboard a train ostensibly destined for boulogne or calais; albeit a train of the most inferior accommodations conceivable and crowded to the utmost by unhappy travellers, among whom fleeing americans vastly predominated.

  • Protested
  • "my dear, i shall not keep you three minutes," protested the old lady.

  • Predestined
  • It was the last time that the cheek of the young and predestined orphan was ever pressed by a father's kiss or moistened by a father's tear!

240 words made from the letters predsented

3 letter words made from predsented:

ese, edp, ddt, ert, res, ten, tpn, set, esr, ern, des, rep, pet, tee, net, dds, pen, pee, dre, pre, nee, red, dts, est, ret, sen, ent, ted, pes, see, den, per, ter, stp, pst, sep, end, ded, edd, ene.

5 letter words made from predsented:

nedre, erned, edner, treed, tende, peens, redes, spree, drees, petes, ernst, perst, reset, deres, deere, seren, erden, dreen, neder, spend, trend, dense, stede, enets, edern, dende, dedee, seert, deeds, dnepr, peret, repse, teers, spent, reden, depts, teens, retes, reest, esper, speen, endre, tends, terns, pense, needs, steed, dedes, rends, reens, denes, ptere, speed, tener, ended, deede, epees, seend, rende, deens, deter, peter, enter, peten, serpe, reede, rense, deese, drese, prend, tense, trese, tenes, petee, deene, peers, tepee, pente, entre, perns, teres, enset, reded, derns, neste, resen, renes, dents, seder, dered, rente, peets, edper, nerts, edens, terne, eeden, seper, pents, peene, sneer, redds, dreed, seret, reeds, etree, strep, pends, stedd, steer, dente, speer, deste, steep, stern, drept, ester, peres, prese, etens, neset, depen, preen, erste, deeps, detre, rents, teene, preed, neeps, esten, prete, tepes, stene, desde, terse, erede, erent, sente, netes, pened, reste, seree, teper, ernes, penes.

4 letter words made from predsented: