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How to spell PRELONS correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "prelons", fret not! The correct spelling you're probably trying to convey is "precons". This term refers to preliminary considerations or prerequisites. Always double-check spellings to ensure effective communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell prelons correctly

  • Erelong Erelong, the sun will set and the sky will be a beautiful shade of red and orange.
  • Felons The state's three-strikes law mandates life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for certain felons who have been convicted of three or more violent crimes.
  • Melons I bought a large watermelon and several cantaloupe melons at the farmers' market.
  • Orlons The Orlons are an American girl group from Philadelphia.
  • Paeons The Greek poet Homer often used paeons in his epic poems.
  • Peons The peons were tasked with planting rice in the sweltering sun.
  • Pre-ops The hospital room was full of pre-ops getting ready for surgery.
  • Preens The cat preens herself every day to keep her coat clean and shiny.
  • Prelims I need to study hard for the prelims if I want to pass the exam.
  • Preload The app allows you to preload your favorite playlist for offline listening.
  • Preloads The software preloads common system files to speed up the boot process.
  • Preplans Before the event, she always preplans everything from the decoration to the catering.
  • Prions Prions are the causative agents of several neurodegenerative diseases in animals and humans.
  • Prisons Prisons are designed to rehabilitate and reform inmates back into productive members of society.
  • Prolong He tried his best to prolong the conversation so he could avoid going to bed.
  • Prolongs Taking breaks throughout the workday often prolongs productivity and reduces burnout.
  • Protons Protons carry a single positive charge.
  • Pylons The pylons supporting the power lines could be seen from miles away.
  • Recons I need to do some recons before making my final decision.

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