Correct spelling for PRESETER

We think the word preseter is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for preseter

  • perimeter He slowed, drifting along the perimeter of the group of men, and still nobody paid him any attention.
  • peseta In view of this and as a prophylactic against a course of bad luck, I made so bold as to ask if I might venture to repair the loss of the peseta which he would otherwise have earned.
  • pester We hated and despised the bloated aristocracy, just as he hated and despised foreigners without knowing much about them; and the aristocracy, to do it justice, did not pester us with its obtrusive advances.
  • poster "I have chosen for him the upper southwestern room with the sunset effect and the pineapple four-poster.
  • prater Most of the localities listed above and others at which mounds were seen are areas of disturbance such as the old burn on Wetherill Mesa, the rights of way for roads, the river valley, and the grazed floor of Prater Canyon.
  • precede He directed his coachman to precede them, and they started off, arm in arm.
  • presbyter The Meletian presbyter might act alone if there was no orthodox presbyter in the place, otherwise he was to be a coadjutor with a claim to succeed if found worthy.
  • present When they came to the top of the staircase, a word of command reached their ears: " Present!
  • presenter Howard Stableford, former BBC Tomorrows World presenter, currently resides in Colorado Springs Hillary Wolf, actress and Olympian, currently resides in Colorado Springs Video game designers John Romero
  • preserver And thou, Austria, ungrateful leader in the destruction of the country which more than once was thy preserver!
  • preset It is named after the Brinell scale of hardness, in which a small ball is pushed against a hard surface at a preset level of force, and the depth and diameter of the mark indicates the Brinell hardness of the surface.
  • preside The Prince of Wales, in reply, said:- "My Lord Chancellor, my Lords, and Gentlemen,-I have listened with attention to your address, and I assure you it gives me great pleasure to be able to preside at the opening of this important institution, the first pillar of which, in company with her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, I set nearly three years since.
  • pressed
  • presto
  • priest
  • protester
  • raster
  • reseed
  • reset
  • roster
  • Presser
  • purest
  • presort
  • prettier
  • presets Brains", song by the band Lower Dens from their album Nootropics "Brains", song by the band The Presets from their album Hi Viz The Brains, an Atlanta band who did the original version of the song "Money Changes Everything" Television The Brain with David Eagleman, a 2015 American television series Brain (TV series), a 2011 South Korean KBS medical drama series The Brain (game show), a 2014 Chinese series Fictional characters The Brain (Bell comics), created by Leo Bachle for Bell Features Brains (Thunderbirds), in the 1960s British series Brain (comics), a DC Comics villain Brain, a mouse in the cartoon series Pinky and the Brain and Animaniacs Brain (Top Cat), a cat in the Top Cat animated series and movie Brain (Inspector Gadget), a dog in the cartoon series The Brain (Arthur), an anthropomorphic bear in the television series Brainiac (comics), a fictional supervillain in DC Comics and Superfriends cartoon, and an enemy of Superman "Brain", a character in the film Igor The B.

81 words made from the letters preseter

4 letter words made from preseter:

5 letter words made from preseter:

prete, etree, perst, spree, reest, trese, sterr, peter, teres, serer, peres, reste, epees, seert, serre, steep, ester, retes, peret, petes, erste, seper, teers, prese, ptere, peers, strep, teper, seree, reset, tepes, seret, esper, tepee, repse, steer, petee, perre, terse, serpe, peets, speer.

3 letter words made from preseter:

ter, per, rep, set, stp, ese, pee, pre, res, ret, err, pet, ert, esr, tee, est, see, pes, pst, sep.

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