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How to spell PRICD correctly?

If you accidentally type "pricd" instead of "price", here are a few possible correct suggestions. Double-check your spelling and try "price" instead. Pay attention to the letter 'e' before 'i.' Alternatively, if you intended a different word, ensure that your context matches the intended term. Proofread and choose the correct alternative based on your intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell pricd correctly

  • period I have a history exam covering the colonial period next week.
  • PICT She loves to draw pictures and always keeps a pict album of her artwork.
  • prc
  • price The price of oil has risen significantly in the past year.
  • priced The dress was priced much higher than I had anticipated.
  • Pricked The thorn pricked my finger, causing a sharp pain.
  • pricks The cacti in the desert have sharp pricks that can easily penetrate the skin.
  • pride "I feel so much pride in my daughter for graduating top of her class.
  • Prided She prided herself on her ability to speak multiple languages.
  • Pried
  • prig The new girl in class turned out to be a prig, always correcting everyone's grammar and pronunciation.
  • primed He was primed and ready for the job interview.
  • Prized The prized possession of the antique collector was a rare vase from the Ming Dynasty.
  • prod The farmer used a long stick to prod the cow out of the barn.
  • proud
  • RECD

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