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How to spell PRIOE correctly?

If you come across the misspelling "prioe", there are a few possible correct suggestions. One option could be "price", as it shares a similar sound. Another possibility is "prior", a word that means earlier or preceding. Lastly, "prime" might also be a suitable correction, referring to something of the highest quality.

List of suggestions on how to spell prioe correctly

  • period The end of the sentence indicates the end of the period.
  • pie
  • poe Edgar Allan Poe was a well-known American author known for his horror and mystery stories.
  • praise
  • price My parents always taught me to reach for the stars and not settle for anything less than the best price.
  • pricey The designer dress was too pricey for me to afford.
  • pride Pride is the sense of self-esteem or satisfaction derived from achievement, status, or respect.
  • Pried I pried open the jar lid with a butter knife.
  • Prier The prier is a type of cross which is used to commemorate the dead.
  • pries She cautiously pries open the old, rusted box.
  • prig She came off as a prig with her incessant lecturing on manners.
  • prim Please refrain from using such language in public. It's not appropriate for a prim and proper young lady like you.
  • prime The prime suspect was taken into custody by the police.
  • primer This primer will teach you how to write a great paper.
  • prion A prion is a type of protein that can cause degenerative disease in the brains of animals and humans.
  • prior You need to have a prior conviction to get a prior conviction.
  • priors The judge took into consideration the defendant's priors before giving him a sentence.
  • priory The priory was founded in 1118 by Henry I.
  • prize Most prize packages for the lottery include cash and prizes.
  • pro I'm going to get some pro tips from our local pro.
  • PROB
  • probe The probe revealed a hidden passage.
  • prod She used a stick to prod the fire.
  • prof I met my new prof at the beginning of the semester.
  • prole
  • prom I'm excited to go to prom with my friends.
  • PRON
  • prone He is prone to making mistakes at work when he is tired.
  • prop I needed a prop for my theatrical performance, so I borrowed a fake sword from the props department.
  • pros The pros of the job include a high salary and great benefits.
  • prose I read prose every day.
  • PROV
  • prove I will prove my point with concrete evidence.
  • prow The cat approached stealthily, her prow barely making a sound.
  • purine Purine is a nitrogenous base that is found in DNA and RNA molecules.
  • pyrite This is a rock containing pyrite.
  • rio I went to the Rio Grande for a walk.
  • ripe
  • roe The roe deer ran through the forest.

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