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How to spell PRNTING correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "prnting" could be printing, preprinting or reprographics. It's important to proofread and double-check spellings to avoid errors in important documents or communications. Using software tools or asking someone to review the writing can also help catch mistakes.

List of suggestions on how to spell prnting correctly

  • Fronting " Fronting the sales team, he led a successful product launch that exceeded all expectations.
  • Granting Granting that we have enough resources, we can begin the project next week.
  • grunting The football players were grunting with effort as they pushed against each other in the scrimmage.
  • painting I love to spend my weekends painting landscapes at the park.
  • panting After running for miles, she was panting and desperately needed to catch her breath.
  • parenting
  • pending The approval of our project is still pending.
  • Pirating Pirating copyrighted material is illegal and can result in significant fines and penalties.
  • planting I will be planting vegetables in my garden this weekend.
  • pointing I saw the man pointing towards the mountain.
  • Prancing The little girl was prancing around the garden joyfully with her new puppy.
  • Prating The group of teenagers were prating non-stop about their favorite TV show.
  • Priding She was priding herself on her ability to solve difficult puzzles.
  • printing He had to check the printing before he could send the final version to the editor.
  • printings Our monthly newspaper's printings are always increasing.
  • pruning I spent the afternoon pruning the rose bushes to keep them healthy and blooming.
  • punting One of the players in the game, who is known for his punting, is having a poor game.
  • ranting The customer was ranting about poor service at the restaurant.
  • renting
  • Sprinting She was sprinting towards the house.

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