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How to spell PROEINOUS correctly?

If you have made the common misspelling "proeinous", fret not; here are possible correct suggestions: proteinous (pertaining to proteins), precious (valuable), porous (having small holes or spaces), propitious (favorable) or poisonous (toxic). Choosing the accurate term will ensure clear communication without any confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell proeinous correctly

  • Cretinous His cretinous behavior made it difficult to have a productive conversation with him.
  • Erogenous The lips and fingertips are erogenous zones that can be highly sensitive to touch.
  • Groans The student let out loud groans when the teacher announced a surprise quiz.
  • Heinous The detectives were shocked by the heinous nature of the crime scene they encountered.
  • Ominous As the storm clouds darkened and thunder rumbled in the distance, an ominous feeling settled over the quiet town.
  • Preamps I need to purchase high-quality preamps to enhance the sound quality of my studio recordings.
  • Precious The necklace was a precious heirloom passed down through generations.
  • Previous I have read the previous chapter of the book and cannot wait to see what happens next.
  • Proacts The company proacts to potential risks by implementing thorough safety protocols and conducting regular inspections.
  • Probings The scientist conducted further probings to better understand the nature of the earthquake.
  • Prodigious She showed prodigious talent on the piano at such a young age.
  • Prolines The scientist found that the addition of prolines improved the stability of the protein structure.
  • Pronoun A pronoun is a word that can function as a noun phrase.
  • Pronouns "She prefers to use gender-neutral pronouns to express their identity."
  • Propitious The team's win was propitious, as it gave them the necessary confidence boost for the upcoming tournament.
  • Proteins Proteins are essential macromolecules that perform a wide range of functions within living organisms.
  • Provinces The Provinces in Canada are each responsible for their own healthcare systems.
  • Provisos The contract included several provisos that had to be met before the deal was finalized.
  • Proximus Proximus is considering expanding its telecommunications services to other countries.
  • Resinous The resinous pine tree emitted a strong and sweet scent.
  • Romanus Romanus was a renowned scholar in ancient Rome.
  • Ruinous The destructive hurricane left behind a ruinous path of demolished homes and businesses.
  • Sprains I couldn't play in the soccer match because I had sprains in both of my ankles.
  • Tyrannous The ruler's tyrannous reign resulted in the oppression and suffering of the citizens.

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