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How to spell PROICE correctly?

If you encounter the misspelling "proice", there are a few possible correct suggestions. It could be a typo of "price", "prince" or "prose". However, it's always advisable to consider the context and intended meaning when attempting to correct misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell proice correctly

  • Brice Russell Brice is my favorite tennis player.
  • poise Despite the chaos around her, she maintained her poise and dignity.
  • police
  • ponce I'm guessing ponce means "big head" in Spanish.
  • praise I always try to praise my colleagues' work when they do a great job.
  • prance The majestic horse began to prance around the meadow.
  • price The price of gasoline has risen significantly in recent years.
  • priced The new car was priced at $30,000.
  • Prices The prices of gasoline have risen dramatically in the past few weeks.
  • pricey This is a pricey suit.
  • pride He felt a sense of pride after completing the marathon.
  • prime
  • prince I am the prince of princes.
  • prize I've been waiting for a prize for months.
  • probe The scientist used a long probe to collect samples from the deep sea.
  • produce The farmer was able to produce a bountiful harvest of fruits and vegetables thanks to his hard work and dedication.
  • prole "He was born a prole, but through hard work and determination, he was able to climb the social ladder.
  • promise I promise to get the cake done before midnight.
  • prone I often find myself prone on the floor playing video games.
  • prose Her prose was so beautifully crafted that it captivated the hearts of all who read it.
  • prove I need to prove to her that I'm the one for her.
  • rice I love to eat sushi with rice.
  • Royce Royce was excited to lead the project as it was his first big responsibility.
  • trice I'll be back in a trice with the water you requested.

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