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How to spell PROJE correctly?

If you have mistyped "proje" and want to find the correct spelling, here are a few useful suggestions: "project", "prose", "probe", "prone" or "promise". These alternatives may help you quickly correct the misspelling and ensure your writing is accurate.

List of suggestions on how to spell proje correctly

  • broke I broke my leg playing basketball.
  • parole The convict was released on parole after serving ten years in prison.
  • poke I like to poke fun at my friends.
  • pore I use a pore-cleansing face mask once a week to keep my skin clear.
  • prate I wish you would stop your prate and actually listen to what I have to say.
  • price The price of home goods has increased due to the high demand during the pandemic.
  • pride She had a sense of pride after completing the marathon.
  • prime The prime minister announced new policies to address the economic crisis.
  • prize
  • pro He's a pro at playing basketball.
  • PROB I need to solve this prob before it becomes a bigger issue.
  • probe The scientific team used a special probe to gather samples from the ocean floor.
  • prod I used a long stick to prod the fire and keep it going.
  • prof The prof was impressed with the quality of the student's essay.
  • prole To be prole is to be a member of the working class.
  • prom I'm not going to the prom with Matt
  • PROMO Did you see the new promo for the upcoming movie?
  • PRON
  • prone The sun was in the prone position.
  • prong I believe in traditions, but I don't like the principle of the prong.
  • proof I will give you a proof of my identity.
  • prop The prop was too fragile and broke during our performance.
  • proper
  • pros One of the pros of studying abroad is the exposure to different cultures.
  • prose Aristotle believed that prose was the best form of writing.
  • prosy Beth is too prosy for my taste.
  • proud After her success at the competition, she was feeling quite proud.
  • PROV
  • prove He tried to prove his innocence to the police.
  • provo
  • prow The jagged prow of the ship crashed through the icy waves, leaving a trail of white foam in its wake.
  • prowl The lion was on the prowl, searching for its next meal in the African savannah.
  • prows The boat's sharp prows plowed through the waves with ease.
  • proxy My mother is using a proxy to vote.
  • prude I'm not a prude, but ...
  • prune I need to prune the overgrown branches of the apple tree.

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