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How to spell PRONES correctly?

If you've misspelled "prones" and meant to write "prone", there are a few possible suggestions to correct it. Firstly, ensure your spelling matches the intended meaning. This word refers to being inclined or susceptible to something. In case you intended to write "pronouns" instead, double-check your spelling and grammar when writing about these essential grammatical components. Proofreading can prevent such errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell prones correctly

  • aprons The chefs were wearing their white aprons as they prepared dinner.
  • crones The village was full of wise crones who had lived through centuries of hardships.
  • drones Drones are often used for military missions, environmental research, or even for recreational photography.
  • panes The windows were covered in beautiful panes of glass.
  • Peonies I picked a bouquet of peonies for my mother's birthday.
  • peons Pekingese peons rarely bark.
  • pines I love hiking through the pines in the mountains.
  • pones Everybody likes to eat pones, right?
  • Ponies I love watching the ponies race at the local track.
  • pores Her skin had tiny pores that allowed sweat and oil to escape her body.
  • prances The horse prances in the field with its tail held high.
  • PRES
  • pries She carefully pries open the tightly sealed package.
  • princes The ballroom was filled with dozens of princes from neighboring kingdoms, each hoping to win the princess's hand in marriage.
  • Prions Prions are infectious proteins that can cause diseases such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in humans.
  • probes The probes could detect the presence of life on Mars.
  • profanes The graffiti on the church walls were considered profanes by the congregation.
  • PRON I had to teach my grandmother how to use PRON when chatting online.
  • prone As a result of her poor posture, she is prone to back pain.
  • prongs The prongs of the fork are designed for gripping food.
  • pros The pros of joining the athletics team are improved physical health and a sense of camaraderie.
  • prose She prefers writing in prose rather than poetry.
  • proves The theorem proves that there is a link between genetics and behavior.
  • prows The sailors climbed onto the prows of their boats, scanning the water for any sign of land.
  • prune I need to prune the branches of the old apple tree in my backyard.
  • pruners My grandmother loves to spend her afternoons in the garden cutting back the shrubs and trees with her trusty pruners.
  • prunes I refuse to eat prunes.
  • Purines I take a multivitamin for my purines.
  • runes The ancient Vikings used runes to write their own language.

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