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How to spell PROSSE correctly?

If the word intended to be spelled is "prose", some possible correct suggestions could be: press, pose, prosecco, propose. If the word intended to be spelled is something else entirely, more context may be needed to provide correct suggestions.

List of suggestions on how to spell prosse correctly

  • passe The old fashion trend is now passe.
  • poise Despite the chaos around her, she maintained her poise and delivered her speech flawlessly.
  • pose The model knew how to perfect her pose for the camera.
  • Poss
  • posse After shooting a man, a posse pursued the outlaw to bring him to justice.
  • posses
  • praise The teacher had nothing but praise for the students' hard work and dedication.
  • press
  • pressed
  • Presser The presser foot on my sewing machine was not moving properly.
  • presses The tailor presses the fabric to remove all the wrinkles before cutting it.
  • prissy She was acting so prissy, fixing her hair and adjusting her skirt every five seconds.
  • prods The farmer used a stick to prods the cows towards the milking area.
  • PROFS PROFS is a computerized system used to manage academic activities in some universities.
  • profuse The plant was profuse with vividly colored flowers.
  • promise
  • propose John is planning to propose to his girlfriend in Paris.
  • props She always did a great job co-hosting the show, so she deserved some props from the audience.
  • pros The pros of online shopping include the convenience of shopping from home and the ability to easily compare prices.
  • prose I enjoy reading poetry, but I also appreciate a good piece of prose.
  • prosier I need some prosier words to explain this to you.
  • prosper I hope to prosper in my new job.
  • prosy
  • prows
  • rose The rose garden was filled with fragrant blooms of every color.
  • Rosie
  • ross
  • rouse The loud alarm clock will rouse me from my slumber each morning.

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