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How to spell PROUDS correctly?

The misspelling "prouds" can be correctly written as "proud's" to indicate possession or simply "proud". Other correct suggestions may include "proudest", "proudly" or "pride" depending on the intended context.

List of suggestions on how to spell prouds correctly

  • PODS I used moving PODS to transport my belongings to my new home.
  • porous The sponge is highly porous and absorbs water quickly.
  • pounds
  • pouts
  • PRIUS My sister drives a Prius to work every day.
  • prod The farmer used a prod to guide the sheep into the pen.
  • prods The farmer prods the cattle towards the barn to prepare for milking.
  • pros Many people believe that there are more pros than cons to living in a big city.
  • proud
  • prouder
  • proudest
  • proust I've read "In Search of Lost Time" by Marcel Proust.
  • prows
  • prude She was considered a prude by her friends because she would never join in the explicit conversations they would have.
  • prudes Some people might consider others who do not engage in certain activities to be prudes.
  • PUDS She wanted to try a new smoothie recipe with peas and Probiotic Tea Drink powder, but she hardly had any Puds
  • roads I have a habit of keeping to the roads.
  • rods The fishing store had a large selection of rods for every type of fisherman.
  • roods The room was filled with the smell of roods.
  • routs The soccer team's strong offense resulted in several routs over their opponents.
  • sprouts I love adding Brussels sprouts to my stir-fry.

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