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How to spell PROZES correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "prozes", worry not! Here are a few possible correct suggestions to choose from: processes, proposes, proxies, prizes or provokes. Make sure to double-check the context and intended meaning before selecting the appropriate alternative to the misspelled word.

List of suggestions on how to spell prozes correctly

  • paroles "I am not sure how to paroles," she said.
  • pores My pores become clogged easily and I need to make sure I clean my face thoroughly every night.
  • poses Please stop making such silly poses.
  • poxes Small poxes were eradicated through vaccination programs in many countries.
  • PRES
  • Prices In order to maintain a competitive edge, the company prides itself on high prices.
  • pries She pries into her neighbor's personal affairs.
  • prize
  • prizes There will be three prizes given out for the top performers in the competition.
  • probes The scientist used probes to collect data from the ocean floor.
  • process The process of learning a new language takes time and practice.
  • prods The teacher prods students to participate in class discussions.
  • profess
  • PROFS "PROFS is an acronym for Programmed Reference Oriented Fortran System, which was an early operating system for IBM mainframes.
  • props She deserves props for completing the project ahead of schedule.
  • pros Tax fraud is a serious crime, and pros should consider restitution in cases like this.
  • prose I enjoy reading prose because it allows for a more in-depth exploration of characters and themes.
  • proteus I am a proteus of many forms.
  • proves The video proves that he cheated on the test.
  • prowess The knight's prowess on the battlefield was unmatched.
  • prows The sailors climbed down the ropes to reach the prows of the ship.
  • Proxies Many large corporations use proxies to route their internet traffic through different locations to increase security and privacy.
  • razes I tried to avoid the razes, but it was impossible.
  • ROSES Roses are the perfect gift to express love and appreciation.

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