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How to spell PRUCES correctly?

The correct spelling for "pruces" could be "prices" or "prunes". "Prices" refers to the cost of goods or services, while "prunes" are dried plums. Double-checking spellings and using spell-check can avoid confusing errors like this.

List of suggestions on how to spell pruces correctly

  • PACES The students were reminded to work at their own paces during the exam.
  • peruses
  • prances The dancer prances gracefully across the stage, captivating the audience with every move.
  • precis I asked my assistant to create a precis of the book so I can have a quick summary.
  • prepuces Prepuces are columns of rock that project above the ground.
  • PRES The PRES of the company wasn't happy with the sales figures.
  • price The price of gas is increasing again.
  • Prices "I can't believe the prices of these products have increased so much in the past year.
  • pries The pries tried to coax the dragon out of its hiding place.
  • princes The princes of the royal family attended the ball in their finest attire.
  • prizes I received a number of prizes for my baking.
  • process I'm learning about the fermentation process in biology.
  • produces The factory produces 1000 units of product every day.
  • prudes The prudes in the conservative community frowned upon the risque outfit the entertainer wore on stage.
  • prunes I cut up some prunes for my salad.
  • Races Races are held every summer in our town.
  • ruses I was using all of my ruses to get out of this meeting.
  • spruces The landscape was covered in tall spruces, making it difficult to see out into the distance.
  • truces This year there have been several truces between the warring factions.

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