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How to spell PRUICES correctly?

If the word "pruices" was misspelled, there are a few possible suggestions to correct it. One possibility is that the intended word was "prices", which could be a viable option. Another suggestion is that it could be a typo for the word "juices", which would also make sense depending on the context.

List of suggestions on how to spell pruices correctly

  • Bruises He had several bruises on his arms and legs from the fall.
  • cruises I love going on cruises because of the many destinations I get to visit.
  • polices The polices in this particular city are known for being especially strict.
  • pounces The cat pounces on the mouse with lightning speed.
  • praises She always praises her children for their hard work and effort.
  • prances
  • price The price of this product has increased since the last time I bought it.
  • priced
  • Prices The prices for groceries have increased due to the shortage of supply.
  • pricey My dinner was quite pricey.
  • pricks I really need to get away from all these pricks.
  • prides As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, she prides herself on being an ally and promoting equality for all.
  • pries
  • primes
  • princes All of the princes were present in the great hall.
  • prizes There were many prizes awarded at the school awards ceremony.
  • prudes Some people are such prudes that they can't even watch TV shows with mild sexual content.
  • prunes I enjoy eating prunes as a healthy and delicious snack.
  • spruces
  • truces After months of intense fighting, the countries finally agreed to sign truces and end the war.

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