How to spell PSCY correctly?

We think the word pscy is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell pscy correctly

  • icy Neshevna, her arm clutched by Lenyard's icy fingers, shook him violently, and tried to release herself.
  • lacy Thence with Creed to Hercules Pillars by the Temple again, and there dined he and I all alone, and thence to the King's house, and there did see "Love in a Maze," wherein very good mirth of Lacy, the clown, and Wintersell, the country-knight, his master.
  • lucy "No," declared Lucy; "nothing would have got it out of him.
  • pac Paco knows how to make the perfect taco.
  • pace It was a slow pace for the runner.
  • pack The gym requires a gym membership packet in order to use the equipment.
  • pasty I would love some pasty.
  • pay
  • pc Your computer is a piece of hardware.
  • peck
  • pecs Without a six pack, your pecs are just imaginary cups.
  • percy
  • pesky
  • pic
  • pica
  • pick
  • picky She is a picky eater.
  • pity
  • play
  • ploy My mom always says to be careful with ploys - they can be misused.
  • ply The window needs to be repairsply.
  • pock I accidentally stepped on a pock of poison ivy.
  • poky I'm feeling a bit potty.
  • pony
  • posy My grandmother gave me a posy of flowers.
  • pray My son is asleep, but I pray for him every night.
  • prey She was the prey of her own dreams.
  • pry Maggie pryed open the door.
  • ps Ipswich is a nice town to live in.
  • psi After finishing her experiment, she reported that the psi energy she had detected was still present.
  • pst Please send this message to physics@caltech.edu. Pst, physics@caltech.
  • puce She had a bright red rash all over her skin, which was exacerbated by the bright pink puce of her blouse.
  • puck
  • puny
  • pusey Jesse Pusey didn't believe in god, but he attended church every Sunday.
  • pushy
  • racy
  • say
  • soy soy vendors set up their own carts near the entrance of the market.
  • spicy
  • spy I need to spy on her.
  • Macy
  • PCS The PCS system is a way to keep track of your medications.
  • SCI The room was completely devoid of scientific evidence.
  • PICS I have some embarrassing pictures of you.
  • PSST
  • PSIS Philosophy should be taught in PSIS classes.
  • SECY
  • PACY
  • PKWY
  • PSYCH She had a psych evaluation after being reported to the police.

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