How to spell PTHER correctly?

We think the word pther is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell pther correctly

  • bather
  • bother I can't stand being bothered by them.
  • cather In the novel "The Catcher in the Rye", Holden Caulfield mentions the name Catcher Catledge.
  • dither The computer dithers while it calculates the answer.
  • either Either jumper cables are required or a battery is necessary to start the car.
  • ether The ether was a medium used to send signals between the stars.
  • father Dad is coming home late again.
  • gather
  • hither
  • lather
  • luther John Lennon was baptized a Lutheran.
  • mother Sitting across from my mother at the dinner table, I felt like a child again.
  • nether Nether is one of the many Nether Regions in the overworld.
  • other
  • pacer I keep trying to pace myself but I find it hard to do when there's so much to see.
  • pager
  • panther The jaguar is the closest living relative of the panther, but it's not the same animal.
  • paper I have some papers to turn in for class.
  • parer I have a paring knife which I use for preparing fruit.
  • path
  • patter
  • payer The patient is the payer of the bill.
  • peer My mother warned me about the perils of being too peer-dependent.
  • peter
  • pier
  • piper Piper must have been a wizard with a pipe, because he sailed through life with nary a care in the world.
  • pitcher She drank a pitcher of water.
  • pith I've got a lot of hair on my head; it's called my pith.
  • pithy A pithy remark is often the best way to communicate a complex idea.
  • poker
  • poser
  • pother Mother accused me of throwing a tantrum; she said I was throwing a 'pother'
  • potherb I can't focus on anything because there's been so much potherb going on lately.
  • potter After giving the potter a new clay pot, the child was satisfied with the job well done.
  • power The power to bring the sun down from the sky is not to be taken lightly.
  • pusher Terry always seems to be pushing his claims.
  • putter I putt for hours on the putting green.
  • rather
  • tether
  • thea
  • thor Thor Odinson is the strongest god in the pantheon.
  • tither Most religious teachings suggest tithing 10 percent of your income to your church.
  • wither He wilted under her scrutiny.
  • zither The zither was a popular instrument in the Renaissance.
  • Lither He was lither than a lark.
  • Mather John Mather was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Thar The Thar desert is a vast area of sand and rock.
  • The The fire was very dangerous.
  • Thee
  • Their
  • Thew In the world of Thew, it is always day.
  • They The they will get your car fixed.
  • Prier
  • THUR My tooth hurts when I eat Thai food.
  • purer I feel like I'm purer now that I've cleaned up my act.
  • paler
  • piker I can't believe that the piker could have missed that ball.

List of 19 words made from the word pther

3 letter words made from pther:

hep, het, hrt, pet, rep, ert, ter, pre, per, trh, ret.

4 letter words made from pther:

pert, phet, pehr, reph, reth, preh, tehr.

5 letter words made from pther:

Misspelling of the day


  • irascibly
  • irately
  • irreducibly
  • irrefutably
  • irritable
  • irritably