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How to spell PUCHEES correctly?

If you've typed "puchees" and your device's spell checker is having a hard time figuring it out, consider alternative options like "pooches" or "puppies". These terms describe adorable canines, a common source of joy and companionship. Remember, double-checking spelling can help avoid confusion and lead to clearer communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell puchees correctly

  • duchess The duchess wore a pearl necklace and long white gloves to the formal ball.
  • duchies During the Middle Ages, the Italian peninsula consisted of various city-states and duchies.
  • euchres I can never remember how to play euchres.
  • kuchens I have never tasted German kuchens before, but I would love to try them.
  • pouches The mother kangaroo carried her baby joey around in one of her two pouches.
  • puckers When she tasted the sour lemon, her face puckered up in a frown.
  • punchers The punchers worked tirelessly to harvest the crops before the storm arrived.
  • punches The boxer threw several powerful punches to knock out his opponent.
  • purees I made a batch of carrot purees for my baby's meal.
  • pushers The police arrested two drug pushers on the corner of Main Street.
  • pushes He pushes the heavy box across the floor with all his strength.
  • puttees During World War I, soldiers often wore puttees as a part of their uniform.

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