What is the correct spelling for PULTIZER?

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Correct spelling for PULTIZER

We think the word pultizer is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for pultizer

  • platter Last time, when I left one o' the corners-it's such a nextremely heavy platter to hold-she gave me a scold-oh, I mean-I mean she tapped me a little love pat on my cheek with her golden spoon."
  • pliers Crabbe, his short legs drawn up under his body, held a pair of pliers in his left hand, while caught firmly in the hook was a child's tiny pin.
  • plotter I shall not be able to introduce you to any arch plotter; to groups of refined adulteresses clad in robes of satin and blazoned with jewels and gold, at once the sign and the fruit of their shame.
  • polite Then she wondered rather bitterly whether he would ever care for her, and his coldly polite way be changed.
  • poulterer Mr. Henry Boggs knew nothing of romance, and he cared less; he was wholly incapable of appreciating a woman with dark, glorious eyes and an expanding soul; I'll warrant me that he would at any time gladly have traded a "Decameron" for a copy of "The Gentleman Poulterer," or for a year's subscription to that grewsome monument to human imbecility, London "Punch."
  • poultice They tied their heads up in a sort of poultice made of little leaves, something like tea- leaves.
  • pulitzer When Mr. Cleveland was for the third time a candidate for the Presidency, I called on him by Mr. Pulitzer's request just before sailing for Paris, where Mr. Pulitzer was then living.
  • pulsed He fancied that she had been drawn here by its extraordinary magnetism which pulsed like electricity across Europe; and that, if she had not already been swept off her feet, soon she would be, and her soul drowned.
  • seltzer Then he called for a small glass of cognac, because the Seltzer was such dam chilly stuff, and the dry sherry was no use at all.
  • waltzer He's the best waltzer on the ice except Miss Trevellyn.
  • wurlitzer
  • Plied All these stood in an expectant attitude awaiting his control, so that through the night he plied an untiring brush and leapt onward in the garden of similitudes.
  • Polities
  • Putties
  • putz
  • Poulticed
  • plates
  • plies
  • paltrier
  • politer
  • putters
  • platters
  • poultices
  • in-stalling

236 words made from the letters pultizer

4 letter words made from pultizer:

pize, peri, luzi, pilu, ziel, pure, zire, lipu, pute, zier, teli, ruzi, trip, uzel, tuer, reul, puir, ptui, iure, uper, pert, pile, zeti, pitz, ritz, retz, lite, zeir, ripe, zile, etui, tepi, zrtp, turp, izet, putz, iler, eriu, tuel, puli, tile, rile, leit, pitu, urie, zite, puzl, true, reup, ilet, trel, teip, riel, tipu, lrpu, treu, tzur, ture, liut, leti, rutz, peru, ueli, rlze, rite, peur, reti, purl, lure, ilze, lute, utri, pier, rule, rieu, plrt, litz, lert, ptuz, peli, tiel, piel, zeil, peut, pilz, tieu, luit, eltz, priu, trei, peil, plei, tuli, tuzi, ruez, puel, tupi, riez, izel, tier, leur, pule, tire, rupe, zeul, liet, priz, rute, prut, telz, rize, ruiz, lieu, perz, petz, reit, luer, pelt, ertl, zuel, luri.

3 letter words made from pultizer:

pel, lez, ert, pei, ter, uzi, zip, tup, per, lit, lei, rut, ret, ute, pit, epi, pul, pre, ler, rip, pie, rue, let, pet, tie, tiu, lir, url, rep, tip, iuz, put, zep, ult, rit, tri, lie, ire, leu, lip.

5 letter words made from pultizer:

piute, lutie, terzi, zitel, plier, truel, rueil, litup, prile, tiple, lipez, reitz, pitre, erupt, pueri, tiler, pretz, zulte, letup, petzl, pierz, purie, pulte, petru, piltz, piert, peltz, uteri, pitzl, lutze, peitz, lizer, uplit, upter, tuile, rietz, pleur, liter, pilet, tripe, piter, turie, ruple, tuple, petur, tieup, tulip, peril, litre, preti, pizer, putri, puzel, tizer, ulzie, utile, pletz, puter, pluie, leitz, prize, urile, puetz, rupel, tepui, lurie, lietz, putze, pultz, trieu, turei, pritz, piruz, lupit, ruetz.

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