How to spell PUNEY correctly?

We think the word puney is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell puney correctly

  • paine That was the program which received temporary endorsement at the first workingmen's meeting in New York in April 1829. "Equal division" was advocated by a self-taught mechanic by the name of Thomas Skidmore, who elaborated his ideas in a book bearing the self-revealing title of "The Rights of Man to Property: being a Proposition to make it Equal among the Adults of the Present Generation: and to Provide for its Equal Transmission to Every Individual of Each Succeeding Generation, on Arriving at the Age of Maturity," published in 1829. This Skidmorian program was better known as "agrarianism," probably from the title of a book by Thomas Paine, Agrarian Justice, as Opposed to Agrarian Law and to Agrarian Monopoly, published in 1797 in London, which advocated equal division by means of an inheritance tax.
  • pan Stopped a few minutes at Jolly Town, Gleeville and Velvet Junction, making connection with the Grand Trunk and Pan-Handle route for Paradise.
  • pane But while he was still gazing through the pane, the sound of a distant train on the railroad came through the night.
  • peen "'Ein writ of attachment haf shoost peen served on me by der order of dot teufel Glabaron,' he said, seeing Maxime's astonishment.
  • pen Roden bit his moustache and looked at the point of his pen.
  • penn William Penn gave for the wilderness that now bears his name but a trifle over five thousand pounds.
  • penny Not a penny is to come to me."
  • peony To look at them, frolicking in the wintry garden, you would have thought that the dark and pitiless storm had been sent for no other purpose but to provide a new plaything for Violet and Peony; and that they themselves had been created, as the snow-birds were, to take delight only in the tempest, and in the white mantle which it spread over the earth.
  • pin I was hunted down like a wild varment, and in this hunt every little newspaper in the district, and every little pin-hook lawyer was engaged.
  • pine But nothing exciting occurred, and Philo Gubb was about to consider this a dull evening's work, when Joe Henry appeared in the doorway, a pitchfork in one hand and the slab of pine in the other.
  • pinny Sam was seated on a box, rocking back and forth in an ecstasy of glee, and crooning, "Colole, colole, pinny-pin in colole!"
  • pone When you set down at de table, Kin' o' weary lak an' sad, An' you 'se jes' a little tiahed An' purhaps a little mad; How yo' gloom tu'ns into gladness, How yo' joy drives out de doubt When de oven do' is opened, An' de smell comes po'in' out; Why, de 'lectric light o' Heaven Seems to settle on de spot, When yo' mammy says de blessin' An' de co'n pone 's hot.
  • pony The pony knew better; it stopped before the door.
  • prune It lays fur beyond the switchin' timothy tail of that seed horse or the wavin' raisen mane of that prune charger.
  • pruner At the third winter pruning, however, the formation of the head commences, and the pruner determines whether it shall be vase-formed or fan-shaped.
  • pun This was no comedy to Jane,-her blind Garth at the piano, his dear beautiful head bent over the keys, his fingers feeling for that pathetic little notch, to be made by herself, below middle C. She loathed this individual who could make a pun on the subject of Garth's blindness, and, in the back of her mind, Tommy seemed to join the duchess, flapping up and down on his perch and shrieking: "Kick him out!
  • punk "It was perfectly punk," growled Tom.
  • punnet I collected a punnet of grapes.
  • punt
  • punter Johnny is a punter for the team.
  • puny I am so puny, compared to other creatures.
  • pusey I took a break from my studies to go to a pusey service.
  • Piney Cissy thought they did; perhaps Piney was nearer the truth when she suggested that they were only "looking" to enable them to make a home-made copy of the hat next week.
  • Punchy It was drawn by a grey horse, short and punchy, whose eyes seemed in danger from the shafts, which, from their point of junction with the carriage, sloped obliquely upwards.
  • Punned After reading my essay, my professor punned me in front of the entire class.
  • Payne Miss Payne asked: "Which of these gentlemen is your brother, Mrs. Arthur?"
  • Penney In the middle of the afternoon, the load of groceries having arrived safely, Fannie's "hero" took his leave, Papa Penney driving him to the village inn, where he was to unpack his samples.
  • PUNS She played her jokes on him then puns him with the punch line.
  • PENA When Pena runs, on a wager of life, with the Great Sorcerer, he changes himself sometimes into a partridge, and sometimes into a wolf, to outrun him.
  • punier All gleamed compact and green with scale on scale, But special burnishment adorned his mail And special terror weighed upon his frown; 20 His punier brethren quaked before his tail, Broad as a rafter, potent as a flail.

List of 12 words made from the word puney

4 letter words made from puney:

yeun, pyun, puny, yune, eyup.

3 letter words made from puney:

pen, pun, ney, unp, yen, pyu, yue.

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