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How to spell PURCES correctly?

If you meant "purses", the correct spelling, make sure to double-check your spelling. If you meant "purses" and need to avoid confusion with a homophone, try using the word "wallet" or "handbag" instead. If you meant another word entirely, consider using a thesaurus or asking for clarification.

List of suggestions on how to spell purces correctly

  • PACES The PACES program helped me prepare for medical school.
  • parcels I received three parcels in the post this morning.
  • parches I had to use special parches to fix my torn jeans.
  • pares He pares his nails with a nail clipper.
  • parses The computer program parses the data, separating it into different categories for analysis.
  • Perches The perches on the tree were too high for me to reach.
  • pieces I need to put together all the pieces of this puzzle to see the whole picture.
  • pierces The sound of the ambulance siren pierces through the silence of the night.
  • pisces My best friend is a Pisces and she is very creative and imaginative.
  • places The places I've been are so beautiful.
  • porches There are several porches on this nice house.
  • pores The pores on my face became clogged after using an oil-based moisturizer.
  • pounces
  • PRES PRES can refer to the present tense in grammar.
  • Prices The prices of goods increased during the holiday season.
  • pries He pries open the locked drawer to retrieve his keys that he accidentally placed inside.
  • pubes She had some pubes peeking out from under her shirt.
  • puce I have a spot on my neck that smells like sunscreen and puce.
  • pucks We needed fewer pucks to play hockey.
  • pules I always felt a bit pules after my breakup.
  • Pulses Pulses such as lentils, chickpeas and beans are excellent sources of protein and fiber.
  • purcell The composer, Edward Purcell, is most famous for his operas, such as "Il Bacio" and "The
  • purees The chef recommends using fresh fruits and vegetables for making baby purees.
  • purges Public purges are often considered necessary to maintain ideological purity in a society.
  • purls There are plenty of purls in this ball of yarn.
  • purrs
  • purse After putting my new purse away I grab my phone and keys before heading out the door.
  • purser The purser on the ship was responsible for handling all financial transactions and keeping track of the ship's inventory.
  • purses My sister collects designer purses and has over 50 in her closet.
  • pursues
  • purus Purus is a town in Brazil.
  • purveys The local bakery purveys fresh pastries and breads every morning.
  • pusses I have nine pusses.
  • sources Your sources must be reliable.

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