Correct spelling for PURPSOES

We think the word purpsoes is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for purpsoes

  • Purposed
  • We thought, however, that by continuing towards the north we might possibly again get sight of it, when we purposed to continue our search for the canoe.

  • Manicdepressive
  • Purposes
  • "the more the better-for my purposes.

  • Purpose
  • And that purpose was, most certainly, not comfort.

  • Continuings
  • Purposely
  • It may have been guessed, although the language we have used has been purposely delicate, that cynthia was already in love with-somebody else.

  • Un-Assumingly
  • Purses
  • For certain years, perhaps, john shakspeare moved on in darkness and sorrow: "his familiars from his buried fortunes slunk all away; left their false vows with him, like empty purses pick'd; and his poor self, a dedicated beggar to the air, with his disease of all-shunn'd poverty, walk'd, like contempt, alone."

  • Pursuers
  • Porpoises
  • Papooses
  • Purples
  • His impressionism was somewhat modified; he offered his palette less frequently to the public; he now and then permitted a black object to appear in his pictures; his purples and greens were less aggressive.

  • Parses
  • Pusses
  • Pursues
  • It pursues this occupation with a system and perseverance to which l. lahtora makes but a small approach.

  • Proposes
  • 247. proposes address on prince of wales's allowance, ii.

193 words made from the letters purpsoes

3 letter words made from purpsoes:

pro, rep, pes, per, sup, sos, pop, use, roe, poe, pep, pre, sue, ops, sur, pus, sop, ore, sou, pup, res, rue, sse, uro, esr, sus, sep, eos.

4 letter words made from purpsoes:

prep, oseu, rues, seso, reup, peor, puss, pore, rupo, oser, seor, rope, sore, sspe, spue, sour, sups, sops, esop, uses, pros, epos, user, puso, euro, rupe, eros, rose, prop, pure, rous, pose, pope, suos, suer, puse, pueo, peso, peur, peru, eous, ruse, poer, oure, suor, ross, ussr, suro, soup, spur, opus, repp, uper, pour, roue, sues, sure.

6 letter words made from purpsoes:

proses, popess, sporus, soeurs, purses, poupes, opress, pruess, preuss, posers, poseur, uprose, souper, propes, spouse, rousse, supper, pusser, speros, rouses, sprues, uppers, opuses, esopus, prouse, presos, spuers, posser, preops, sourse, roseus, souers, suppes, serous.

5 letter words made from purpsoes:

prose, popes, puers, peros, supor, poser, russe, poeps, prope, pepsu, soeur, rouse, pruss, spurs, sores, reuss, supes, press, sorus, preso, spore, ropes, upper, users, osser, pours, sourp, souse, ruess, pupes, sures, pepos, ruses, posse, sprue, puros, purse, perps, poses, roups, perou, pores, pures, europ, opper, props, roues, porus, resus, spuer, soper, super, soupe, soups, puses, ossur, usopp, suero, poupe, repps, essop, suers, rupes, speos.

7 letter words made from purpsoes:

suppers, purpose, oppress, seropus, pressup, sprouse, peropus, suppose, porpess, soupers.