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How to spell PUTRED correctly?

If you meant to write "putrid" but misspelled it as "putred", here are some correct suggestions. "Putrid" refers to something rotting or decaying. Try using "rotten", "foul", "decomposed" or "spoiled" as alternatives. These words capture the same meaning and will enhance your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell putred correctly

  • paired The socks were paired up neatly in the drawer.
  • Pared The pared down version of the project was still successful.
  • Patted I patted my dog's head to show him love and affection.
  • Peered He peered through the fog, trying to catch a glimpse of the ship.
  • Petered The party eventually petered out as people began to leave.
  • Petted I petted the cat and it purred contentedly.
  • Pitied She pitied the homeless man begging on the street corner.
  • pitted
  • Pored She pored over the text, trying to find any errors.
  • potted
  • Poured I poured myself a cup of coffee this morning to start my day.
  • Pouted I pouted when he refused to buy me an ice cream.
  • pureed
  • Purred My cat meowed several times and purred when I came into the room.
  • putrefy If left out in warm temperatures, organic matter will putrefy and emit foul odors.
  • putrid The smell coming from the dumpster was putrid and made me want to gag.
  • putted Tiger Woods putted his way to victory in the Masters tournament.
  • Puttered I puttered around the house all day, but didn't accomplish much.
  • Puttied He puttied the hole in the wall to prepare it for painting.
  • Sutured The wound was properly sutured by the doctor to promote healing.
  • tutored He tutored me on how to solve algebraic equations.

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