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How to spell PUTTIING correctly?

The correct spelling for "puttiing" is "putting". Common misspellings of this word include "pititng" or "puttting". One way to remember the correct spelling is to think of it as "put" with a double "t" and "ing" at the end.

List of suggestions on how to spell puttiing correctly

  • Butting The goats kept butting each other as they played in the field.
  • cutting I was cutting vegetables for dinner when I accidentally nicked my finger with the knife.
  • Gutting Alice was gutting a pheasant when she heard a noise coming from the attic.
  • jutting The jutting rock formation provided a perfect spot for rock climbing.
  • Nutting
  • Patting The mother was patting her baby's back to help him fall asleep.
  • petting She spent hours petting and playing with her cat.
  • pitting The pitting on the surface of the metal indicated that it had been exposed to corrosive materials.
  • Potting Potting the plants carefully will help them grow properly.
  • punting The team resorted to punting the ball to the opposing team after they failed to make a first down.
  • Puttering I can't stop puttering about this report I'm having to write.
  • putting She was putting together a jigsaw puzzle all afternoon.
  • Puttying I will be puttying the walls before we paint them.
  • Rutting Since deer mating season, known as rutting season, starts in October, you can often hear the sound of antlers clashing as the males compete for females.

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