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How to spell PUTTIN correctly?

If you encounter the misspelling "puttin", there are several correct suggestions you can consider. One possible alternative is "putting", which is the correct spelling of the present participle form of the word "put". Another option could be "puttin'", which represents a colloquial or informal variation. In any case, it's always helpful to double-check your spelling to ensure accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell puttin correctly

  • Butting The two rams were butting their heads against each other.
  • cutting The cutting of the cake marked the end of the wedding ceremony.
  • Gutting The gutting of the ancient mansion left its interior completely bare.
  • jutting The cliff had a jutting rock that looked like it could fall off any moment.
  • Nutting I went nutting in the woods and came back with a basket of acorns and chestnuts.
  • Patti Patti is my friend's name.
  • Patting I was patting my dog's head when he suddenly fell asleep.
  • Patton
  • pectin The jelly has a significant amount of pectin.
  • petting We were petting the dog for a while before we went to bed.
  • pitting
  • Potting
  • punting Punting down the river Thames is a popular tourist activity in London.
  • put in
  • Putin " Putin has been the President of Russia since 2000.
  • putt He took a deep breath before attempting the difficult putt.
  • puttee My mum always tells me to puttee before I come in the house.
  • putter She spent the afternoon on the green, practicing her putter stroke.
  • Puttied He puttied the cracks in the walls before painting.
  • Putties The soldier wore putties to protect his ankles from blisters and bruises during long marches.
  • putting I am putting on my shoes before we leave.
  • putts He made two consecutive putts on the ninth hole to take the lead.
  • putty I used putty to fix the small hole in my bedroom wall.
  • Puttying The wall needed some puttying up.
  • Rutting There was a sustained rutting between the two bulls.

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