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How to spell PUULING correctly?

If you meant to type "puuling", it is likely you intended to write "pulling". Common misspellings occur frequently, but spell-check tools are at our disposal. To avoid such errors, double-check your work and rely on tools that highlight incorrect words.

List of suggestions on how to spell puuling correctly

  • paling The old fence was held together by a few paling nails.
  • Palling After the conference, the two executives were seen palling around at the bar, laughing and sharing stories.
  • pauline Pauline is a common name in French culture.
  • pauling
  • pealing The church bells were pealing loudly, announcing the start of the Christmas service.
  • peeling
  • piling The construction crew continued piling the bricks one by one, to create a strong foundation for the building.
  • Pilling The pilling on my sweater is getting worse and worse every time I wear it.
  • Poling Poling is a technique of pushing a boat or raft upstream using a long pole.
  • Polling Polling data suggests that the incumbent candidate is trailing behind the challenger.
  • Pooling The company is pooling its resources to fund the new project.
  • Puling
  • pulling
  • Purling The purling sound of the creek lulled me to sleep.

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