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How to spell PWNNED correctly?

If you've misspelled "pwnned", fear not! Here are a couple of correct alternatives: "owned" or "pawned". Both words convey the same meaning of dominating someone or defeating them soundly. So, next time, go ahead and use these correct spellings while dishing out some online slang, gamer style!

List of suggestions on how to spell pwnned correctly

  • panned The new movie was panned by the critics for its weak plot and mediocre acting.
  • penned The award-winning author has penned numerous best-selling novels.
  • pinned She pinned the photograph to the corkboard with a pushpin.
  • punned He cleverly punned on the teacher's name, causing the whole class to burst into laughter.
  • pwned I just got pwned in that video game, my opponent was too skilled for me to defeat.

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