How to spell QAUDS correctly?

We think the word qauds is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell qauds correctly

  • aids One of the chief aids in gaining that knowledge we have in the study of the dream and symbolic life of the individual.
  • cards But, in passing near them, they had slipped their cards into her pocket.
  • duds Booze, and grub, and a bed, and money in your pocket, and nobody to go through your duds while you sleep.
  • gaudy At least, there was an envelope containing a gaudy picture-postal.
  • gauss
  • guts You must have guts to go up against a dragon.
  • judas He was arrested for his role in the Judas scandal.
  • kudos Your skills in business acumen are much appreciated.
  • quad The quad bikes are great for exploring the forest.
  • quits
  • suds I love going to the beach and spending time in the sun, but I dread the fact that I have to get up early
  • wads I picked up some wads of cash.
  • Guards A group of guards were stationed at the entrance of the palace.
  • Mads
  • cuts The chef's cuts of meat were very different from the regular cuts.
  • adds And if he is minded to become worthy of, and apt for, grace by a sin, he adds proud presumption."
  • lauds Lady Bolin lauds the decor of her new home.
  • pads Her laptop was covered in spilled coffee, her sleeves covered in smeared black ink, but that couldn't hide
  • jades
  • cats My mom has five cats.
  • kids I'm going to the mall with the kids.
  • lads The lads were arguing about who was going to buy the last round.
  • quarts
  • buds These buds are so soft, they must be from a rose.
  • gourds
  • goads My boss always tries to goad me into doing things I don't want to do.
  • ADS Our suspense was painful, until he returned with the news that all the "ads."
  • TADS The Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game system.
  • GADS I cannot believe that Gore A Dunce is president.
  • RADS The RADS team is looking for new members.
  • CADS This software can be used to CAD design and drafting.
  • DADS Steve loves his Daddy and loves spending time with him.
  • FADS Your favorite band is totally outdated, they're playing FADS now.
  • GODS Alejandro wondered if the bearded man with the bulging biceps was actually a god.
  • CUDS I have a lot of cups for my cigarettes.
  • CODS The codes are broken.
  • CURDS I love curds, they're my favorite food.
  • PUDS I need to pick up some Puds at the store.
  • QUES
  • SAUDIS The Saudis are a Sunni Muslim nation located in Western Asia.
  • TAUS I am trying to get in touch with Taus.
  • quays The quays ran along the riverbank.
  • squads

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