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How to spell QOTED correctly?

If you mistyped "qoted" when searching for something, fear not! The correct word you were probably aiming for is "quoted". To find accurate information or famous sayings, simply type "quoted" correctly into your search engine. This slight correction will ensure you get the desired results without any confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell qoted correctly

  • Acted He acted like he knew what was going on, but in reality, he was just as clueless as the rest of us.
  • Boated The fishermen boated out to sea, hoping for a good catch.
  • booted The security guard booted the uninvited guests out of the party.
  • coated
  • CODED The message was coded in an unrecognizable language.
  • COED The university offers many exciting opportunities for coed activities both on and off campus.
  • Cooed She cooed softly to her newborn baby as she cradled her in her arms.
  • COSTED I costed out the expenses for the project and found it was over budget.
  • cote The farmer built a cote for his chickens to sleep in.
  • dote I dote on my niece and spend as much time as I can with her.
  • Doted He doted on his elderly mother and made sure she was always comfortable and well cared for.
  • Doter
  • dotted
  • footed The man footed the bill for the entire group.
  • Gated The community had gated entrances to ensure residents' safety and privacy.
  • Hooted Jessica honked her horn at the animal and it hooted back.
  • jolted I was jolted awake by the loud clap of thunder.
  • Jotted I just jotted down what I wanted to say.
  • kited I kited down the mountain with ease.
  • looted
  • moated She moated around the old manor house.
  • Mooted The idea of implementing a new policy was mooted during the meeting.
  • noted The noted behavior is unacceptable.
  • outed John was outed as a spy by his own colleagues.
  • Ported The game was originally released for Windows, but has since been ported to console systems.
  • potted He was reading a book in his potted garden.
  • Pouted Her pouted lips were a natural red.
  • qed After deriving the proof, the mathematician confidently wrote "QED" at the end of the theorem.
  • quoited
  • quote When writing your essay, be sure to properly cite and include a quote from a credible source in order to support your argument.
  • Quoted She quoted her favorite line from the movie to her friends.
  • quotes I always forget to put quotes around a direct quote in my essays.
  • Rioted The crowd rioted in the streets after the announcement of the controversial election results.
  • rooted I am so rooted in my current job that I am not sure how I will ever branch out.
  • rotted The fruit had rotted in the heat.
  • routed A routing ban was enacted to prevent students from being routed to specific classes.
  • sorted I have sorted all the books on the bookshelves alphabetically.
  • ted He was quite the Ted Nugent fan.
  • toed I was going to put on my shoes, but then I realized I had taken them off and put them toed side-
  • Tooted The car horn tooted loudly, startling the pedestrians on the street.
  • tote I packed my tote bag with my books and things for school.
  • Toted She toted her laptop to the meeting.
  • Totted The cashier totted up the bill and handed it to the customer.
  • Touted The CEO is touted as a visionary.
  • Voted I voted for my favorite singer in the talent competition.

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