Correct spelling for QOUTATION

We think the word qoutation is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for qoutation

  • actuation However the actuation strokes are much smaller than those of the electrostrictive rubbers which operate at three orders of magnitude higher voltages.
  • agitation Fanny Mere abruptly went on, with a nearer approach to agitation in her manner than she had shown yet: "My mistress took me into her service; she trusted me when other ladies would have shown me the door.
  • citation In 1974, the 525th was nominated by USAFE again for the Hughes trophy, and received a commendable citation in a close finals competition.
  • cogitation After many years of cogitation, during which the Lord de Genneville approached nearer to the grave and his sons to man's estate, he gave up trying to solve the riddle as to which of the twins should succeed to his title and revenues; he appealed to his Liege Lord and King-Edward, fourth of that name-and with the latter's august sanction he drew up a certain document, wherein he enacted that both his sons should, after his death, share his titles and goodly revenues, and that the first son born in wedlock of either father should subsequently be the sole heir.
  • commutation He will also be paid commutation of quarters at the usual rate.
  • dictation A clause removing the test from Dissenters was struck out of the Catholic Relief Act of 1778, mainly owing to dictation from England, but partly from resentment against Presbyterian sympathy with the American cause.
  • equitation
  • gestation
  • lactation
  • mutation
  • notation
  • question
  • quotation
  • rotation
  • situation
  • station
  • quotations

190 words made from the letters qoutation

3 letter words made from qoutation:

tun, tit, ant, tan, too, tat, ani, oto, ain, tin, anu, tai, tnt, tau, out, oui, ono, nut, qat, tiu, uni, tao, ton, uta, tot, unq, tia, ion, not, iou, nit, oat.

4 letter words made from qoutation:

oita, atun, atiq, iota, iuno, taqi, qiao, unqi, unti, qian, tato, tito, quai, nato, otti, toti, tuin, tuna, oont, uniq, nuit, ainu, taou, quta, tuto, aunt, anqi, oton, inoa, quit, quon, naqt, tatu, tout, nuta, aqui, itno, auto, tiao, nout, aoun, naqi, quin, touq, quia, noua, tuqi, tuti, tion, quoi, taon, tuni, toot, iott, noio, tuoi, toit, taut, anio, nito, noto, tati, tint, utan, tuno, unio, iton, unit, tono, anti, toun, tian.

5 letter words made from qoutation:

tuina, aiuto, notti, quino, aquin, nauti, tanit, quint, atoni, aiton, tatin, toqui, tonto, natiq, totin, taunt, tatou, tanto, tinta, aiono, natio, toqua, quoin, anoto, tanui, quoit, notat, tauno, taito, autti, nooit, autin, tuono, oquin, quain, titon, tanti, uinta, titoo, uniat, natto, ianto, titan, taint, tiant, toton, quota, otton, ionut, tiano, toona, tonti, utina, naito, utian, niota, tauon, nitto, quito, tatoi, outta, otani, atout, tatun, tutin, ation, tatoo, tuita.

6 letter words made from qoutation:

quaint, tutino, quanto, aounit, touton, ituano, uation, titano, touati, touqan, tootin, niutao, tonito, totino, quitno, tantoo.

7 letter words made from qoutation:

taquito, autoion.

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