How to spell QUAINTITY correctly?

We think the word quaintity is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell quaintity correctly

  • quaint "You know about the rest-so much more than any other man," she added; and glanced up at him with a quaint expression.
  • quaintly The child ran out of the bed-chamber, with a quaintly shaped key in her hand.
  • quantify This characteristic of aromatic amino acids is used to quantify the concentration of proteins in an unknown sample.
  • quantity I'm the unknown quantity."
  • quintet In informing the public that the original Quintet in C long ago advertised by me as having been published by Breitkopf and Haertel in Leipsic, I declare at the same time that I have no interest in the edition published simultaneously by Messrs.
  • quainter There may come greater purists,-though they must con the language well; writers of more dramatic power we have now, possibly a quainter humor,-but one more tender, that puts us in such immediate sympathy with the author, hardly in our day, or in any day, shall we see again.
  • quaintest In the midst of a pelting rain, through mud and running water, there waddled along the queerest, quaintest little roly-poly figure you can imagine.
  • quintets A quintet is a musical composition for three flutes, two horns, two trumpets, timpani, and strings

List of 148 words made from the word quaintity

3 letter words made from quaintity:

qat, tau, ain, tun, ant, uni, nay, tit, any, uta, unq, tia, tat, tin, ani, tiu, tnt, tan, nut, nit, tay, tai, anu.

4 letter words made from quaintity:

nuta, tany, ainu, nuit, quta, ayin, unit, tatu, tuti, naty, inya, quay, tiya, tuny, unti, quit, tint, ayni, quyi, tuna, tuni, quai, iyan, taqi, tuin, iynu, itty, inti, yuin, yuni, aqui, tuya, tyin, titi, nayi, nytt, tian, naqi, ayun, tati, uniq, aunt, utan, tayi, quin, yani, inui, niya, atun, atiq, iiun, qiyu, naqt, nyai, yuqi, quia, iuni, anti, auty, yuan, taut, tuqi, unqi, yuna, anqi, aiyn, tiny, yant, yiin, qian.

5 letter words made from quaintity:

tanti, tanui, taint, titin, inuit, natty, quint, tatin, uniti, qinya, tanit, titan, tinty, quity, attny, yuqin, tuqay, utian, tuina, quain, autin, tinta, uinta, nitai, yaqui, unity, nitya, nutty, yutai, uniat, natiq, taunt, yiqun, tinti, ttyna, utina, nauti, yanqi, yaqut, aquin, aiuti, tatun, aunty, untii, tanii, titia, tiyin, autti, taiyi, tutin, tuita, nitti, tunya, tiant, yanti.

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