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How to spell QUALIED correctly?

If you've misspelled "qualied", fear not! The correct word you were aiming for is "qualified". This simple mistake can easily be rectified by adding the letter "f" before the "i". So, remember to double-check your work to avoid such typographical errors and ensure your writing always shines!

List of suggestions on how to spell qualied correctly

  • bullied He was bullied in school for being different.
  • Equaled In the final race, both runners equaled the previous world record.
  • Equalled Despite his efforts, he never equalled his sister's achievements in academics.
  • quacked
  • Quaffed He quaffed down his drink in one gulp.
  • quailed The quailed deer had no choice but to flee the scene.
  • Quaked The ground quaked as the linebacker crashed into the player.
  • qualified Only applicants who are qualified will be considered for the position.
  • qualify To qualify for the race, the athlete had to meet certain fitness requirements.
  • quality I'm looking for a quality egg.
  • Quarried The stone was quarried from a nearby hillside and transported to the construction site.
  • Quashed The police quashed the rumors immediately.
  • quelled After the storm had quelled, it was still a mess.
  • Queried She queried the waiter about the specials.
  • quilted She quilted a shirt for her dad.
  • squalid The squalid room was filled with the sickly stench of rotting garbage.
  • Squalled The wind squalled through the trees, causing the branches to sway violently.
  • sullied She had long been tainted by the scandalous affair, her reputation sullied.

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