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How to spell QUALLY correctly?

The misspelling "qually" may refer to the word "equally". Possible correct suggestions may include replacing the letter "q" with "e", "u" or "a". Other suggestions may include adding a letter such as "l" or "r" to form the correct spelling of "equally".

List of suggestions on how to spell qually correctly

  • ally
  • bally
  • bully The playground bully pushed the smaller kids around during recess.
  • dally You shouldn't dally around, we have a lot to do.
  • dully The teacher's lecture was so boring that it made the students dully stare at their textbooks.
  • equally I have two children and I love them equally.
  • fully I am fully committed to finishing this project.
  • gully After the heavy rainfall, the water flowed down the gully and into the nearby creek.
  • lully John always carries his violin with him, lest he hear Lully's music and be inspired to create something wonderful of his own
  • pally
  • quail I love hunting quail.
  • quails The quails were scared away by the foxes.
  • Quaky Your room seems a bit quaky.
  • qualify I qualify for the prize because I am a first-time voter.
  • quality The quality of the product was good.
  • qualm I had a qualm about spending so much on such a frivolous purchase.
  • quay We walked along the quay and watched the boats coming into the harbor.
  • quell The police officer tried to quell the crowd by speaking to them in a calm manner.
  • quells He quells his anger by taking deep breaths and counting to ten.
  • quill The old parchment manuscript was written with a quill pen.
  • quills Hedgehogs have quills on their backs for protection.
  • rally The community organized a rally to raise awareness about the importance of recycling.
  • sally Today, Sally is going to the store.
  • squall The squall caused extensive damage to property and forced the closure of several highways.
  • squally The weather was squally and unpredictable, with sudden bursts of heavy rain and gusty winds.
  • sully The sailor was plucking sand off the bottom of the boat with a sully.
  • tally I will keep a tally of your points throughout the game.
  • wally I'm going to Wally World to buy a toy car.

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