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How to spell QUALS correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "quals" instead of the intended word, here are some possible correct suggestions. Firstly, "quails" refers to small game birds. Secondly, "quells" means to suppress or calm down. Lastly, "qualms" signifies doubts or reservations. Make sure to double-check and choose the appropriate word in your context.

List of suggestions on how to spell quals correctly

  • Coals The fire in the grate glowed red as the coals glowed with heat.
  • Culls
  • curls She loves to style her hair in tight curls.
  • equals
  • GALS I met a group of girls named GALS at the party.
  • Goals
  • gulls The gulls were circling overhead, hoping for scraps of food from the beachgoers.
  • QUADS I enjoy exercising my quads by doing squats and lunges.
  • quail She served roasted quail with a side of roasted vegetables for dinner.
  • quails The hunter spotted a group of quails scurrying across the field.
  • qualm
  • qualms I have some qualms about engaging in this activity.
  • quasi She has a quasi-photographic memory.
  • quays The old cargo ships were docked at the quays, waiting to be unloaded.
  • quells
  • QUES
  • quills She was using quills to write a letter.
  • quilts She has a collection of quilts that she has pieced together over the years.
  • squalls The squalls caused the cancellation of flights.
  • squeals The little girl's high-pitched squeals filled the room as she opened her birthday presents.

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