How to spell QUAMS correctly?

We think the word quams is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell quams correctly

  • bums I want to go to the store, but I have to get my mother's groceries.
  • CAMS The university installed CAMS (Course Assessment and Measurement System) to evaluate the teaching effectiveness of faculty members.
  • camus He is considered the most significant philosopher of the Camus school of thought.
  • clams She ordered a bowl of clam chowder with a side of steamed clams.
  • CRAMS I'm not into CRAMS.
  • CUMS
  • dams The dams were destroyed in a flood.
  • dumas The dumas line of French Revolution heroes included a playwright and a painter.
  • games Playing games with my friends is one of my favorite ways to pass time.
  • Gems The jeweler showed me a collection of rare gems that had been brought from overseas.
  • grams She weighs 174 grams.
  • guam The tiny island of Guam is home to some of the world's most colorful traditional cultures.
  • gums
  • hams My uncle loves to smoke hams for special occasions.
  • hums I can't believe he spoke in front of the entire company like that - it was Highlights magazine all over again.
  • james My brother, James, is a great soccer player.
  • jams I love jams, they're my favorite fruit.
  • LAMS A lamborghini is a very fast car.
  • MUMS The garden was filled with beautiful mums of various colors.
  • pumas The pumas prowled through the forest, their eyes fixed on their prey.
  • quacks The quacks are all here.
  • QUADS I have been working out a lot lately and my quads are getting stronger.
  • quaffs I quaffs a delicious glass of elderflower cordial.
  • quails My neighbor has a flock of quails.
  • quakes The ground began to tremble and shake.
  • qualms I have no qualms about attending the party, but I'm not sure what to wear.
  • quarks I've always wanted to know what quarks are made of.
  • quarts The car needed four quarts of oil.
  • quasi He seems like a quasi-celebrity.
  • quays The town centre is flanked by riverfront quays.
  • QUES
  • rams The herds of ram were grazing in the meadow.
  • RUMS Rumors circulated that she was cheating on him with his Rumsfeld.
  • SCAMS It's important to be vigilant and aware of potential scams in order to protect yourself and your finances.
  • sums Sums are important for math and science.
  • TAMS The TAMS (Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science) program provides high school students the opportunity to take college-level courses in science, math, and engineering.
  • tums I always have a bag of Tums with me in case of a sour stomach.
  • yams I need to get some yams at the store.
  • Yumas I love Yumas and would recommend them to everyone.

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