Correct spelling for QUARENTEEN

We think the word quarenteen is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for quarenteen

  • Guarantee
  • No one can guarantee success.

  • Canteen
  • Too grand for a canteen, eh?

  • Quarantines
  • By means of ejaculations and prayers he stored up ungrudgingly for the souls in purgatory centuries of days and quarantines and years; yet the spiritual triumph which he felt in achieving with ease so many fabulous ages of canonical penances did not wholly reward his zeal of prayer, since he could never know how much temporal punishment he had remitted by way of suffrage for the agonizing souls; and fearful lest in the midst of the purgatorial fire, which differed from the infernal only in that it was not everlasting, his penance might avail no more than a drop of moisture, he drove his soul daily through an increasing circle of works of supererogation.

  • Quentin
  • I think we'll all be safer when that young feller's locked up in san quentin,-which they'll do with him, lysander thinks."

  • Guarantees
  • No ecclesiastic or secular person shall dare to exact from the master and brethren of the temple, oaths, guarantees, or any such securities as are ordinarily required from the laity.

  • Quarantined
  • When we woke up next morning we found we were quarantined on account of the typhus at angora, as well as locked up in the ordinary way.

  • Guaranteeing
  • The constitution contained another clause guaranteeing protection to the same interest.

  • Quarantine
  • "i have placed the young man in quarantine," was the brief explanation, "and until he is released no one can go near him."

  • Guaranteed
  • We think that professor huxley, in his anxiety to avoid the error of making thought the measure of things, does not sufficiently bear in mind the fact, that as our notion of necessity is determined by some absolute uniformity pervading all orders of our experiences, it follows that an organic correlation which cannot be conceived otherwise, is guaranteed by a much wider induction than one ascertained only by the observation of organisms.

215 words made from the letters quarenteen

3 letter words made from quarenteen:

nan, ene, ant, eta, tan, urn, ute, ten, nee, ert, art, rut, ret, unq, nun, ane, qat, nut, ate, rna, nne, run, ear, net, tar, tea, ern, tun, rat, tau, are, qur, uta, ter, rue, tee, ent, anu, eat, era.

5 letter words made from quarenteen:

neuen, enter, quart, arent, unten, ertan, enate, eaten, runet, terne, rauen, atune, anner, neeru, entre, tanur, auret, eater, nauen, treue, ranee, nuter, renta, naunt, queet, atene, untre, tannu, ruane, rutan, reate, retun, teare, quran, neuer, tenue, enten, netra, naret, atque, qurea, terqa, ratee, ruete, ennea, teera, erent, ature, tuner, arete, urent, rutae, tanne, nanur, anter, unter, quare, utena, runan, quern, rente, ateeq, terna, arute, requa, reune, quane, naree, autre, etree, qanun, nateq, tranq, tener, auter, qurna, tanen, neque, queen, queer, teene, urate, nauer, neure, nuner, teneu, qarun, truan, untar, traun, runte, quena, annur, earnt, ntare, ureae, nutan, annee.

4 letter words made from quarenteen:

qere, naqt, neue, reen, treu, utne, rent, tern, ture, neat, enur, rant, rate, tree, nuta, nune, urna, rune, runa, raqt, renu, aunt, ante, qaen, raut, turn, rute, qura, ruen, tuer, tune, teen, tarn, quae, ratu, quen, atun, tear, ruta, uate, rete, taue, tuna, earn, tuen, qena, naur, tare, nenu, near, nrna, eure, auer, urea, trna, nuna, uner, runt, tean, qera, etna, utan, true, etau, nuer, raun, nute, raue, narn, eter, ruea, uren, erne, tera, taee, etre, quta.