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How to spell QUATER correctly?

If you're repeatedly misspelling "quater", you might be referring to the word "quarter". Remember to replace the "e" with an "a" to spell it correctly. Double-check your typing or use spell-check tools to avoid this mistake.

List of suggestions on how to spell quater correctly

  • cater The restaurant will cater the wedding reception with their specialty dishes.
  • crater
  • custer Custer's Last Stand is a significant event in American history.
  • cuter The new baby panda is cuter than the previous one.
  • cutter The metal cutter is perfect for slicing through thick sheets of steel.
  • Dater
  • eater As a picky eater, he refused to try anything new.
  • equate I would never equate success with wealth as success can be achieved in various forms.
  • equator The equator is a line on the Earth's surface that runs through the center of the Earth.
  • grater
  • gutter The gutter outside my house is clogged with leaves and needs to be cleaned.
  • hater He's a real hater.
  • later
  • mater To my mater I owe my existence.
  • outer People in the outer boroughs of New York City usually have to travel farther to get to central Manhattan.
  • qatar
  • quainter The quainter the story, the more likely it is to be true.
  • quake The quake rocked the city, terrorizing the residents.
  • Quaked The earth quaked beneath their feet as the volcano erupted.
  • quaker The Quaker community has a long history of social activism and political engagement.
  • quarter The quarter was given to Beth by her father.
  • quarters I spilled some quarters on the floor while trying to put them into the coin sorter.
  • quartet
  • quaver She couldn't hide the nervous quaver in her voice as she gave her presentation.
  • Quieter Due to the new noise ordinance, the city is expecting a quieter city.
  • Quilter My grandmother is an exceptional quilter and has created many beautiful quilts over the years.
  • quite She was quite surprised when he told her the news.
  • quitter I am not a quitter; I will push through until I reach my goals.
  • quote I read your quote in the paper.
  • Quoted She quoted her favorite line from the movie.
  • quotes My favorite quotes are from Maya Angelou.
  • Rater The online rater gave the product a four-star rating for its sleek design and user-friendly features.
  • skater The skater gracefully glided across the ice rink, performing impressive spins and jumps.
  • squatter The landlord had to evict the squatter who had been living in the abandoned apartment for months.
  • tater I am going to make my favorite dish- tater tot hotdish.
  • utter The baby's utter failure to sleep was keeping the whole household awake.
  • water In water, hydrogen bonds form between hydrogen atoms.

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