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How to spell QUATLY correctly?

"Quatly" is a misspelling for "quality". To correct this error, suggestions may include auto-correcting the spelling in word-processing software, cross-checking with a dictionary or utilizing grammar-check tools. Promoting careful proofreading and double-checking can help eliminate this common mistake and maintain accurate written communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell quatly correctly

  • curtly I was abrupt with him, and he acted curtly in response.
  • justly The judge ruled justly, considering all the evidence presented in the case.
  • neatly It's neat how she folded the laundry so neatly.
  • quail I see a quail on the side of the road.
  • quaintly The little cottage was quaintly decorated with vintage furniture and delicate lace curtains.
  • quietly I smiled gently at my sister and quietly pushed her hair from her face.

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