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How to spell QUDLE correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "qudle" could be "quail", "quell", "quiche" or "quadrant". It is important to consider the context and intended word meaning when selecting the most appropriate correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell qudle correctly

  • addle The loud music is starting to addle my brain.
  • budge No matter how hard I pushed, I just couldn't get the heavy dresser to budge.
  • bugle I heard the bugle call for breakfast and rushed to the mess hall.
  • bundle I bundled up in a warm scarf and hat to brave the cold weather.
  • cuddle I can cuddle with my blanket all day long.
  • curdle The milk had been sitting out for too long and started to curdle.
  • dude " Dude, you're never going to believe what just happened!"
  • Dudley Dudley didn't seem too pleased with his surprise birthday party.
  • duple The rhythm of the song was duple, with a steady beat that made it easy to dance to.
  • fuddle
  • fudge I am going to make some homemade fudge for dessert tonight.
  • guile The fox used his guile to outsmart the rabbit and get the carrot.
  • huddle The football team formed a huddle before running their next play.
  • hurdle She was determined to overcome every hurdle she faced in order to reach her goals.
  • idle He spent his whole afternoon in idle conversation with his friends.
  • Jude Jude is a biblical name that means "praised."
  • judge
  • ladle He used a ladle to scoop out the soup from the pot.
  • muddle I'm in a muddle and I can't seem to make sense of anything.
  • mule The stubborn mule refused to move despite the farmer's efforts.
  • NDLE
  • nude The art exhibit featured paintings of nude figures.
  • nudge I gave my friend a nudge to wake them up from their nap.
  • nurdle The fisherman was happy to catch a nurdle, which is a small piece of plastic that can be harmful to marine life.
  • puddle I almost slipped on the puddle of water left behind from the rain.
  • pule
  • quake The magnitude of the quake was so strong that it caused damage to nearby buildings.
  • qualm She had qualms about lying to her best friend.
  • Quayle Dan Quayle served as the 44th Vice President of the United States.
  • Que
  • quell The police were called to quell the riot in the streets.
  • queue She stood in the queue waiting for her turn to order her food.
  • quill I dipped my quill into the inkwell before writing a letter.
  • quilt My grandmother made a beautiful quilt for my bed with colorful patterns and soft fabric.
  • quine
  • quire I need to acquire a quire of paper for my printer.
  • quite I was quite surprised when I found out that I had won the lottery.
  • quote The journalist decided to include the quote given by the CEO in the article.
  • ruble I exchanged my dollars for rubles before leaving for Russia.
  • rude She was so rude to the waiter that he almost spilled her drink.
  • rule The rule states that guests must remove their shoes before entering the house.
  • sidle The cat began to sidle up to its owner in order to be petted.
  • tulle The ballerina wore a tutu with layers of tulle.
  • tuple In computer science, a tuple is an ordered collection of elements that can be of different data types.
  • UDL UDL stands for Universal Design for Learning, an education method that focuses on making learning accessible to all students.
  • Yule Yule is a pagan festival celebrated at the winter solstice.

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