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How to spell QUDLED correctly?

If you're trying to spell "Qudled" but aren't sure how, here are a few possible corrections. It could be "Quibbled", meaning a minor disagreement or "Quivered", indicating a slight trembling. Another option could be "Quibed", a slang term for mocking. Remember, double-checking your spelling can prevent confusion!

List of suggestions on how to spell Qudled correctly

  • Addled His feverish state left him confused and addled.
  • Budded The flowers budded and bloomed beautifully in the spring garden.
  • Budged Despite their best efforts, the protesters could not budge the government from their decision.
  • Bugled The trumpet player bugled a beautiful melody at the concert.
  • Bulled He felt bullied by his classmates and decided to talk to his teacher about it.
  • Bundled I bundled up in my warmest coat and scarf before heading out into the snow.
  • Burled The craftsmen skillfully carved intricate patterns into the burled wood.
  • Cuddled The couple cuddled under a warm blanket on the couch.
  • Culled The farmer culled the weaker animals from the herd to improve the overall health and productivity.
  • Curdled The milk curdled after being left out of the refrigerator for too long.
  • Curled She curled her hair to create bouncy, cascading curls.
  • Duded
  • Dudley Dudley is known for his impeccable sense of style.
  • Dueled The two swordsmen dueled fiercely on the grassy meadow, their blades clashing in a display of skill and determination.
  • Dulled The pain medication dulled the sharp ache in her back.
  • Equaled The scores of both teams equaled at the end of the game, resulting in a tie.
  • Fuddled I could tell he was fuddled by the complex math problem, as he stared at it with a bewildered expression.
  • Fudged I accidentally fudged up the recipe and added too much sugar.
  • Fueled The team's commitment and determination fueled their victory in the championship game.
  • Fulled
  • Furled He furled the flag tightly before storing it for the winter.
  • Gulled I was gulled into buying a counterfeit designer bag, thinking it was authentic.
  • Huddled The family huddled together for warmth during the winter storm.
  • Hulled He hulled the strawberries before making the jam.
  • Hurdled She hurdled over the fence with ease during the track meet.
  • Hurled She hurled the ball towards the outfield, hoping for a home run.
  • Idled The car idled at the traffic light, waiting for the signal to change.
  • Judged She felt judged by her classmates for her unconventional taste in music.
  • Ladled She ladled the steaming soup into the bowls, filling them to the brim.
  • Lulled The soothing sound of the rain lulled me to sleep.
  • Muddled I tried to follow his complicated instructions, but they only muddled my understanding further.
  • Mulled She sat by the fireplace and mulled over her decision to quit her job.
  • Nudged She nudged him gently, trying to get his attention.
  • Puddled After a heavy rain, the parking lot was completely puddled.
  • Puled I puled with all my strength, but still couldn't open the heavy door.
  • Pulled He pulled the trigger, completely unaware of the consequences.
  • Purled She expertly purled the next row of stitches in her knitting project.
  • Quailed The small bird quailed in fear when it saw the approaching predator.
  • Quaked The earth quaked violently, shaking everything in its path.
  • Quelled The teacher's firm but gentle approach quelled the rising tensions in the classroom.
  • Queued I queued up early in the morning to get the best seats for the concert.
  • Quilted She snuggled under the warm, quilted blanket on the cold winter night.
  • Quoted He quoted a famous line from the movie to emphasize his point.
  • Ruled The tyrant ruled with an iron fist, oppressing the people with his cruel laws.
  • Sidled As the party grew louder and more chaotic, she sidled over to the quiet corner to take a breather.

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