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How to spell QUENT correctly?

If you've incorrectly spelled "quent", fear not! Here are some possible correct suggestions for this misspelling. The correct word might be "quest", referring to a search or pursuit of something. Alternatively, "quick" could also be the intended word, denoting something happening fast. Remember to double-check your spelling for accurate communication!

List of suggestions on how to spell quent correctly

  • agent
  • aunt I visited my favorite aunt last weekend.
  • bent
  • bunt The baseball coach instructed the player to bunt the ball in order to move the runner to third base.
  • cent
  • dent
  • gent I found a new gent in town that I'd like to try out for a date.
  • ghent This city is in the province of Ghent.
  • hunt The hunters set out early in the morning to hunt for game in the forest.
  • kent
  • lent I lent my brother my car for the weekend.
  • pent The students were excited to see the new teacher, but were pent when she told them there would be no recess.
  • punt The football player decided to punt the ball instead of attempting to run it down the field.
  • quaint The small town had a quaint charm that drew in visitors from all over.
  • Quanta The energy of light is quantized into individual packets of energy called quanta.
  • quart The quart size container is perfect for storing vegetable soup.
  • queen It is the queen who has the power to make or break a family.
  • queens I always get along with my Queens.
  • quench Drinking water helps to quench your thirst.
  • Quentin She grabs Quentin's arm to keep from falling.
  • quest I am on a quest to find the perfect gift for my friend.
  • quiet I hoped for a quiet evening at home, but it was not to be.
  • quin
  • quine I'm not sure if that's a quine or a paradox.
  • Quinn Quinn is a unisex name that originated from Ireland.
  • quint In Latin, quint means "fifth.
  • quints I take five quints of sugar in my coffee every morning.
  • quirt She whipped out her trusty quirt to chase away the bees.
  • quit I will never quit until I reach my goal.
  • quoit The quoit is a traditional Scottish game which involves hitting a round, wooden disc with a stick.
  • QUOT
  • rent
  • runt
  • sent The package was sent UPS.
  • squint I was so tired my eyes were starting to squint.
  • tent We pitched the tent near the stream.
  • vent I need to open the vent to get more air.
  • Went

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