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How to spell QUERRIED correctly?

The correct spelling for "querried" is actually "queried". To avoid this common misspelling, it is helpful to remember to switch the "e" and "i" positions. Double-checking with a reliable dictionary or utilizing auto-correct features can also ensure accuracy when writing the word "queried".

List of suggestions on how to spell querried correctly

  • berried The tree was berried with bright red cranberries.
  • Curried
  • Ferried
  • hurried I hurried to catch the bus, but it had already left.
  • Quarried The restored castle used quarried stones to rebuild the walls.
  • queered The homophobic remarks queered the atmosphere of the room.
  • Queried The journalist queried the source's information before including it in the article.
  • Queries
  • serried The serried ranks of soldiers marched across the parade ground.

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