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How to spell QUERS correctly?

If you've misspelled "quers", worry not! It is likely you meant to type "query". This word refers to a question or inquiry. Another possibility could be "quests", referring to a search or adventure. Remember to proofread your work to avoid such spelling errors in the future!

List of suggestions on how to spell quers correctly

  • augers The farmers were using their augers to drill holes for planting seeds in the fields.
  • Cues The actor responded to his fellow cast members' cues with ease during the performance.
  • CURS The old book contained many symbols and drawings, including a few illustrations of curs.
  • goers The concert goers were dancing and singing along to their favorite songs.
  • guess I will have to guess how long it will take to finish the project.
  • Jeers The politician was met with jeers and boos from the crowd during his speech.
  • quakers Quakers believe in nonviolence, simplicity, equality, and community.
  • quarks According to current scientific understanding, quarks are the larger units of matter that make up protons and neutrons.
  • quarts
  • quavers The singer's voice quavers with emotion during the heartfelt ballad.
  • quays The boats were moored along the quays of the harbor.
  • Que Que es una mugre?
  • queasy After the bus picked her up, she felt a little queasy.
  • queens The queens of chess have their own unique set of moves and strategies.
  • queers Using the word "queers" in a derogatory manner is homophobic and disrespectful to the LGBTQ+ community.
  • quells The police officer quells the protestors' anger by speaking to them calmly and offering a compromise.
  • Queries I am interested in learning more about the queries you are seeing on your system.
  • query Can I query your availability for the next two weeks?
  • QUES
  • quest The brave knight embarked on a quest to defeat the evil dragon and save the princess.
  • queues The queues at the theme park were so long that we decided to come back another day.
  • quiets The sound of the rain quiets the normally bustling city.
  • quires I need a new pair of quires.
  • quirks I have a few quirks.
  • quirts
  • quivers She stuck her tongue out at him and jiggled her quivers at him as she passed.

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