Correct spelling for QUETIONING

We think the word quetioning is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for quetioning

  • Captioning
  • Improvements in speech recognition software mean that live captioning may be fully or partially automated.

  • Cautioning
  • Sometimes when he attended quaker meetings during the early portion of his visit, the ministers preached at him, by cautioning young people to beware of the adversary, who was now going about like a cunning serpent, in which form he was far more dangerous, than when he assumed the appearance of a roaring lion.

  • Cushioning
  • Amniotic fluid protects the developing baby by cushioning against blows to the mothers abdomen, allowing for easier fetal movement and promoting muscular/skeletal development.

  • Motioning
  • The first word which the queen distinguished was her own name; so, motioning to her companion, she stood still.

  • Rationing
  • Auctioning
  • In 2015 a legal dispute took place regarding the auctioning of the first drafts of the israeli declaration of independence, which outlined the zionist narrative at the time and described the chain of events that led to the establishment of israel.

  • Questioning(Definition of questioning)
  • She swept my upturned face suddenly with questioning eyes.

  • Sectioning
  • Quietening
  • Queening(Definition of Queening)
  • The night had fallen swiftly and darkly upon her. first the vanishing into impenetrable mystery of the man upon whom rested her hopes and dreams of one day queening it over france as her ancestress marie antoinette had done, and not only over france as a kingdom, but as mistress of the world.

282 words made from the letters quetioning

4 letter words made from quetioning:

togi, nonu, tung, igoe, guie, inti, genu, ogie, guto, nung, nute, ugni, ingi, nong, nget, goit, itoi, unge, itno, quit, tegu, iuno, egin, unqi, gute, guei, igno, neon, engi, gion, nout, note, noen, iong, goti, gunt, onni, nuit, tuin, quin, tine, nuno, gout, nego, iuni, noun, unie, nenu, etui, nine, onge, quoi, nige, onen, quen, egoi, ouen, tone, ogin, eini, gonn, iino, tuen, onne, gone, gien, oung, ngoi, tion, uige, guen, qing, gonu, geun, iing, ning, inge, tune, unni, tuqi, euoi, ngon, none, tuni, utne, guti, nein, ting, toei, uniq, toge, iton, nito, iiun, unio, unti, ento, nuon, iten, quon, tieu, touq, unit, ueno, tuoi, geto, tuno, gent, giti, nune, innu, uong, toun, inui, ungo, igon, equi.

5 letter words made from quetioning:

guite, itogi, ieong, tengo, gitin, guten, toque, quint, tuong, inite, ntini, quite, quigo, quoin, gonne, tieon, tenno, tunge, tunng, nigun, tengu, onnie, gunne, qingu, toing, negin, ningi, intoe, nintu, nguni, innie, otegi, guoqi, niton, egion, inuit, inonu, ninti, togni, quong, goten, ngiti, nguon, iunno, noten, ingen, guiot, quoit, quiet, itoen, oquin, quito, geton, guqin, tueni, untii, niten, tigue, gouin, outen, tiong, nique, eigon, ennog, tigon, innit, toqui, genin, nutin, tonin, entin, ionut, nguoi, untin, oning, untie, einon, outie, quote, tieng, ennui, getin, egton, toein, ugine, unite, notin, tugen, ngoni, tingo, gunto, egnot, gutin, genon, quine, tinue, quien, noite, qiong, negot, einin, uniti, gonin, teign, tonne, tonen, tengi, nieto, guion, toine, nigon, teong, tenon, tinge, oguni, ennio, unten, tiein, ingot, tinio, gonen, iinet, union, quino, inion.

3 letter words made from quetioning:

neo, gun, ent, iou, ten, uni, ute, tog, net, ion, get, teg, nut, tun, nit, ego, nog, nne, gin, one, nig, out, gnu, ngu, tie, tiu, inn, tug, nun, tin, gen, not, unq, ton, oui, toe, gut, eon, gui, ige.