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How to spell QUIAL correctly?

The correct spelling for "quial" could be "quail", which is a type of bird or "quill", which refers to the writing instrument. Another possible suggestion is "quile", which is a Spanish word that means "pine needle".

List of suggestions on how to spell quial correctly

  • dial I need to dial my friend's number to ask him for directions.
  • dual The new smartphone has a dual camera system that takes high-quality photos.
  • ducal The ducal palace was an impressive structure, towering above the town.
  • equal
  • fugal The fugal structure of the music added a level of complexity and depth to the piece.
  • Jubal He was the son of Jubal, who was the son of Jesse, who was the son of Obadiah, who
  • phial I filled up a water phial at the pump.
  • Qua The restaurant was mediocre qua food, but the service was exceptional.
  • quad I need to buy a new quad for my farm.
  • quail I can smell the quail in the yard.
  • qualm I have a qualm about going on this blind date.
  • quay The ship docked at the quay in the early morning.
  • quell The police were able to quell the riot with tear gas and arrests.
  • quick I need to make a quick decision.
  • quid Could you lend me a quid for the vending machine?
  • quiet
  • quiff He styled his hair in a quiff before going out to the party.
  • quill I use a quill pen to write my essays.
  • quills I keep a box of quills next to my pen.
  • quilt My grandmother made a beautiful quilt for me out of all of my old t-shirts.
  • quin
  • quine The queen asked the quine for her cup of tea.
  • Quinn
  • quip John was quick with a quip, which made him seem even quicker.
  • quire
  • quirk I'm a little bit of a quirk.
  • quirt The cowboy swung his quirt and urged the horse to gallop towards the sunset.
  • quit I have to quit my job.
  • quite
  • quito I had to cancel my trip to Quito due to the recent travel restrictions.
  • quiz Tomorrow, we have a big history quiz, so I need to study tonight.
  • rial
  • squeal As soon as the mouse ran across the floor, the cat let out a loud squeal.
  • vial Nurse Walsh removed the vial of glucose with a gloved hand.

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