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How to spell QUICE correctly?

If you meant "quiche", a possible correct suggestion for the misspelling "quice" could be to add an "h" between the "c" and "e". Alternatively, if you meant something else, it may be helpful to try phonetic spellings or use a dictionary or spell-check tool.

List of suggestions on how to spell quice correctly

  • dice She shook the dice before rolling them on the board game.
  • guise He appeared in a guise of friendliness, but she knew he was secretly plotting against her.
  • ice
  • juice I always drink orange juice with my breakfast.
  • juiced I am juiced up and ready for the game.
  • juicer John had been wanting to buy a juicer for months, but was scared of the cost.
  • juices I like to blend together different fruits to create delicious juices.
  • juicy I love the juicy meat at this restaurant.
  • Lice Some people get lice from sharing clothes or towels with others who have them.
  • luce
  • Mice Mice scurried across the kitchen floor as the cat watched hungrily from afar.
  • nice It was a very nice party.
  • puce She wore a puce sweater that complemented her hazel eyes perfectly.
  • Que " Que bella vista!" exclaimed the tourist as he admired the beautiful view.
  • queue I want to stand in the queue.
  • quiche I always order the quiche when I go to this restaurant.
  • quiches I like to make small quiches for breakfast when I have guests over.
  • quick I need to quick take this picture before the light changes.
  • quicker I need to finish this task quicker so I can move onto the next one.
  • quid I will give you a quid for that.
  • quiet
  • quin
  • quince Can quince be used in a dessert?
  • quincy The Quincy Market in Boston is one of the city's most popular tourist destinations.
  • quine
  • quip She always had a quick quip ready to lighten the mood.
  • quips The old quips man had some jokes that still make me laugh.
  • quire I need to purchase a quire of paper to print out my project.
  • quires The quires of the Bible are often used in reference to the text.
  • quit I am not programmed to quit.
  • quite She was quite surprised when she saw the new dress her friend was wearing.
  • quits After years of arguing and constant disagreements, they finally decided to call it quits and end their relationship.
  • quiver I had to quiver when I saw the large snake slither by.
  • quiz Are you looking for a quiz to prepare for your biology test?
  • rice I love to eat fried rice with soy sauce.
  • vice The vice president is in charge of the administration's legislative affairs.

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