How to spell QUIED correctly?

We think the word quied is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell quied correctly

  • cud He wud naither sit nor taste, and was half way doon the yaird afore I cud quiet him.
  • guide Whatever you say I should do, I will do; what you say I must think, or believe, or try for, that will be my guide.
  • guided "I am guided by intuition.
  • jude St. Jude was an Apostle of our Lord and wrote the Epistle which bears his name.
  • kid At an evening wedding they wear full evening dress, also white kid gloves, which are not removed during the ceremony.
  • qed Quantum electrodynamics (QED) offers another derivation of the properties of a diffraction grating in terms of photons as particles (at some level).
  • quad But the quad and the fives-courts did not look a day older; the ivy was no thicker round the study windows; and in one boy's castle we found the traditional print of Charing Cross Bridge which had knocked about our studies ever since a son of the contractor first sold it when he left.
  • quid Eheu quid prodest noctes instare diesque Pastorum curas spretas humilesque tuendo, Nilque relaturam meditari rite Camoenam?
  • quiet His voice was still very quiet.
  • quine Anti-essentialism (associated with Willard Van Orman Quine) argues that there are no essential properties at all, and therefore every property is an accident.
  • quire I had said all my lessons, and was now sitting at the table writing a small text copy in a ruled book, with an outside marbled fantastically brown and blue, which book lay, not upon the cloth, of course, but upon an inclined plane formed of a great leather case containing about a quire of open blotting-paper.
  • quirt Dunbar urged the stallion on with a yell; and swinging the quirt over his head, he brought it down with a stinging cut on the silky flanks of the great horse.
  • quit I quit workin' for Belllounds that night, an' I've put my time in spyin' on the boy.
  • quite "I do not quite know.
  • quito 1540-1542. Gonzalo Pizarro received the news of his appointment to the government of Quito with undisguised pleasure; not so much for the possession that it gave him of this ancient Indian province, as for the field that it opened for discovery towards the east, - the fabled land of Oriental spices, which had long captivated the imagination of the Conquerors.
  • quitter But you ain't no quitter, Keith Burton.
  • quoit Its premises are made up of a quoit field, a fence and some trees, and the good sportsmen, its members, as they showed His Royal Highness round, pointed solemnly to a fir to which a telephone was clamped, and said:
  • quote I'll quote you at 10 pm.
  • squid After Depth Charge ceased operating, Squid began to clean the mess they had made.
  • Ged Vere does he ged dem?
  • Guider 6. Finally, God himself is the guider and director of him that ruleth, here prescribing to him how he is to rule, viz. with diligence, with studiousness, &c., ver. 8. Now we may receive this as a maxim, That of divine right may be done, for which God gives his divine rule how it is to be done: and that office must needs be of divine right, which God himself so far approves as to direct in his word how it shall be discharged.
  • Quaked A ghastly stage-fright seized him, his legs quaked under him and he was like to choke.
  • Que Rossini, in thanking him, wrote, "Bien que vos raisins soient superbes, je n'aime pas mon vin en pillules."
  • Queried But as no one was in sight, I queried whether this was not the enemy of my soul, to keep me from prayer, and fell upon my knees a third time, determined to remain in the position of prayer until my first petition to my Heavenly Father was presented.
  • Quieted He paused, and took my hand very kindly; then added: "I am sure you will think yourself rewarded for any trial to your feelings to-night, if you can only remember in years to come, that your presence quieted her in her last moments!"
  • Quieter You will find it much quieter in this room.
  • Quipped )" When Robbo blackmailed Amber, Laura-Jayne Tyler of Inside Soap quipped "Poor Amber may be naive, but she doesnt deserve that!
  • Quirked She was deeply touched and her voice was not just steady but when Beck did not answer, just looked straight ahead with his tell-tale flush deepening, a delight crept into her eyes and the corners of her pretty mouth quirked.
  • Quizzed He felt himself to be politely or sarcastically quizzed.
  • Quoted "In a democracy, one person, one vote is the base line.
  • Jed "He's a has-benn," Mrs. Snawdor declared to Uncle Jed.
  • quiets It takes us in its kindly arms, quiets and comforts us, repairs and refreshes us, and turns us out in the morning quite like new people.
  • queued Read-ahead - Queued access methods may start as many I/O operations as there are buffers available, anticipating application program requirements.
  • CUED Modern social round dancing is choreographed and cued ballroom dancing that progresses in a circular pattern, counter-clockwise around the dance floor.
  • juiced I must up-fill this Willow cage of ours With baleful Weeds and precious juiced Flowers.
  • quailed It seemed as if his brave heart had quailed at last, and his good sword Excalibur had lost its magic virtue.
  • Cutie Dead by Dawn" by Deicide based on The Evil Dead "Death of an Interior Decorator" by Death Cab for Cutie about Interiors "Debaser" by Pixies about Un Chien Andalou "Didnt I See This Movie?
  • quoited The quotation was taken from "The Catcher in the Rye.

List of 12 words made from the word quied

3 letter words made from quied:

qed, due, die, iud.

4 letter words made from quied:

duei, quid, equi, qide, qued, dieu.

5 letter words made from quied:

equid, dique.

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