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How to spell QUIED correctly?

If you've accidentally spelled "quied" instead of "quiet", fret not, as we're here to help! The correct suggestion for that misspelling would be "quiet". Remember to focus on the "u" and "i" placement, and you'll be spelling "quiet" like a pro in no time!

List of suggestions on how to spell quied correctly

  • CUED The actor was cued to enter the stage at the precise moment.
  • guided The tour guide guided us through the historic site.
  • juiced
  • qed There are no example sentences for the word "qed" as it is used as an abbreviation in formal mathematical proofs to indicate the end of the proof.
  • quad
  • quailed The team quailed in fear when they saw the size and strength of their opponents.
  • Quaked The ground quaked beneath us during the earthquake.
  • Que
  • Queried The reporter queried the politician about their stance on immigration.
  • queued
  • quid
  • quiet I love to sit in my room and listen to the quiet.
  • Quieted The sound of the wind outside quieted as the storm passed.
  • quiets The soft instrumental music quiets my mind and helps me relax.
  • quine I am not programmed to provide a sentence with the word "quine".
  • Quipped "I should have been a comedian," he quipped sarcastically.
  • quire I need a quire of paper to finish this report.
  • Quirked She quirked an eyebrow in response to his statement.
  • quirt The cowboy used his quirt to urge his horse to gallop faster.
  • quit
  • quite The weather is quite pleasant today.
  • quito
  • Quizzed John quizzed his students on the material they had reviewed that week.
  • quoited
  • Quoted She quoted a line from Shakespeare's play.
  • squid After Depth Charge ceased operating, Squid began to clean the mess they had made.

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