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How to spell QUIISH correctly?

If you've inadvertently typed "quiish" instead of a correct word, here are some possible suggestions: "quiche", "quick", "quill", "quite" or "quilt". Remember to double-check before finalizing your text to ensure clarity and accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell quiish correctly

  • Mulish He was mulish and refused to listen to any opinions other than his own.
  • Punish The teacher decided to punish the whole class for not completing their homework.
  • Quash The police were able to quash the rebellion before it spread throughout the city.
  • Quids I need to withdraw some quids from the ATM before we go out tonight.
  • Quins The quins were thrilled to receive five identical presents.
  • Quinsy Quinsy, also known as peritonsillar abscess, is a rare and potentially serious bacterial infection that develops in the tissue around the tonsils.
  • Quips The comedian's quips made the audience laugh out loud.
  • Quits After years of working at the company, he decided to call it quits and retire early.
  • Quraish The Quraish tribe played a significant role in the early Islamic history.
  • Squish I hate walking on the beach with sandals because the sand squishes between my toes.

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