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How to spell QUIIZ correctly?

If you misspell "quiiz", fret not, for there are several correct alternatives. One option is "quiz", which adheres to the correct spelling. Additionally, you could consider "quizz" or "quize" as viable alternatives. Remember to proofread to ensure you have the right spelling to ace that next quiz!

List of suggestions on how to spell quiiz correctly

  • quail Some quail nested in the tall grass.
  • quick I need to get a quick drink before my meeting.
  • quid
  • quiet It is so quiet in the library that you could hear a pin drop.
  • quiff He styled his hair in a retro quiff for the themed party.
  • quill The quill pen dripped with ink.
  • quin
  • quine I wandered through the quine, wondering what would happen if I took the other fork.
  • Quinn named after Quinn McNamara
  • quip I was so bored I thought of a quip to share with you.
  • quips I'm really not interested in your quips.
  • quire
  • quirk I have a weird quirk where I can't stop giggling at all kinds of stupid things.
  • quirt I'm going to use my quirt to polish the door.
  • quit I decided to quit my job and take time to focus on my personal goals.
  • quite I was quite surprised when he sent me the flowers.
  • quito
  • quits After years of working at the same company, Jenny decided to call it quits and pursue her own business.
  • quiz I have a difficult English quiz tomorrow.
  • quoin The building's exterior featured ornamental quoin work on its corners.
  • quoit He sailed around the point with a quick quoit throw.

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